What hoses are connected to the heater core?

Both the upper and lower radiator hoses are the largest hoses in the cooling system connected to the engine. Heater hoses are smaller hoses that are attached to the heater core, which is located under the dashboard, to supply warmth to passengers in the cabin.

Can you swap the hoses on a heater core?

By reversing the hoses, the coolant will flow in reverse direction through the core, but it’ll still be flowing in the same direction as far as the engine is concerned. This may not prevent it from carrying debris from the core into the engine cooling system.

How do I fix a leaking heater core hose?

The leak may be at a fitting on the water pump or even at the heater core. If this is the case, you won’t need to use the coupling; just cut the bad end off the hose, stretch the hose and reclamp it to the fitting. If the leak is along the hose, cut it at the leak and remove the bad section.

Which is the inlet and outlet on a heater core?

Answer: The hose that goes to the heater water pump area is the heater inlet. These flush kits will work on either one, though, as they go through the cooling system as a whole. The other hose in your heating system is the outlet.

What if both heater core hoses are hot?

If both heater hoses are hot then the core is getting hot coolant flowing through it. You should check the temperature blend door actuator behind the glove box on heater case to see if it is operating the temperature blend door or not. If the actuator is not moving then replace actuator and retest the heater output.

Does K seal work on heater core?

K‑Seal can only fix leaks in ‘solid’ parts of the cooling system including the head, head gasket, block, core plug, radiator and heater core.

Where is my heater inlet hose?

It is often easier to locate a heater core hose if the vehicle has a heater box. This will usually be a conspicuous box located in one corner of the engine compartment that has two small diameter hoses extending from it. These will generally be the heater hoses.