Are iPhones from China genuine?

Most fake iPhones are always manufactured in China, and if you can try to check the message font, these replica iPhones display a Chinese character so that you can configure and enable the English settings.

Which country made original iPhone?

The first generation iPhone was manufactured in the Shenzhen factory of the Taiwanese company Hon Hai (also known as Foxconn).

Is Apple manufactured in China?

Most of the Apple’s parts are made in China so assembling becomes low cost. Almost 90 percent of the components are made by Chinese manufacturers. It is costly to move those components somewhere else and then assemble them.

How to tell a fake iPhone from a real one?

It’s hard to tell a fake iPhone from a real one because the manufacturers these days are getting really good at mimicking even the smallest of aspects. If you want to find out if your iPhone is fake then follow these steps. If the number you entered is invalid, then its probably a fake iPhone.

How to avoid custom check when buying a fake iPhone?

If you are afraid of custom check, we advise you to go via fast shipping like DHL and Fedex shipment. The sellers will know what to do. If you do not trust the quality of the fake iphones above.

Are iPhone clones exact replicas?

But rest assured, these are exact replicas with marginal differences that you won’t be able to pick up. An iPhone Clone also comes with an Apple logo at the back. So if you are keen on wanting an exact replica, then the clone should be your choice.

Is it possible to get a phone that looks like an iPhone?

So in terms of functions you will get a full working phone that looks exactly like an iPhone. The cameras will not give you the same quality pictures, but they are still great. This is by no means a knock-off that will stop working in a few days.