What is the IPTraf tool?

IPtraf is an ncurses-based IP LAN monitoring tool that can be used to monitor inbound and outbound network traffic for connections such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP counts, and Ethernet load information.

How do I install Iftop?

Download and Install iftop Iftop is available in the official software repositories of Debian/Ubuntu Linux, you can install it using apt command as shown. On RHEL/CentOS, you need to enable the EPEL repository, and then install it as follows.

What is iftop command Linux?

“iftop” is a network monitoring command in Linux that displays real-time information about your network bandwidth usage. This command can easily be installed on any Linux distribution and can be used very conveniently.

What is IP A in Linux?

The ip command is a Linux net-tool for system and network administrators. IP stands for Internet Protocol and as the name suggests, the tool is used for configuring network interfaces. Older Linux distributions used the ifconfig command, which operates similarly.

Where are the iptraf logs stored?

When this option is active, IPTraf will log information to a disk file, which can be examined later. Each facility has its own log file in (by default) the /var/log/iptrafdirectory as follows:

What is iptraf?

Iptraf is a network monitoring program that allows you to analyze network traffic (incoming and outgoing) of your server, but also to analyze the traffic in your LAN. This program will allow you to : detect DDOS attacks and find the attacker’s IP address (unless the attacker uses a botnet for its DDOS attack).

How do I clear the active log file in iptraf?

IPTraf closes and reopens the active log file when it receives a USR1 signal. This is useful in cases where a facility is run for long periods of time but the log files have to be cleared or moved. To clear or move an active log file, rename it first. IPTraf will continue to write to the file despite the new name.

What information does the IP traffic monitor write to the log?

The IP traffic monitor will write the following pieces of information to its log file: Start of the traffic monitor Receipt of the first TCP packet for a connection. If that packet is a SYN, (SYN) will be indicated in the log entry. (Of course, the traffic monitor may start in the middle of established connections.