What is COE-Pak used for?

Two component material for wound dressing, to cover stitches or to stabilize loose teeth.

What is Coepak?

COE-PAK AUTOMIX is a eugenol-free, surgical dressing and periodontal pack that has no burning sensation, no unpleasant taste or odor, and offers proven protection to surgical sites. This product promotes cleanliness and healing.

How long does a periodontal dressing stay on?

Dressing: A periodontal dressing is often used to cover surgical sites from one to two weeks for your comfort. Should the dressing came loose or dislodge, and there is pain or bleeding, notify the office during working hours.

How long does Coe-Pak last?

KG, Post fach, Germany) is supplied as one hydrophilic paste and is ready for use without mixing. This dressing remains in place for up to 30 hours, even on bleeding wounds, because of its hydrophilic properties. Reso-pac swells up to a gel-like consistency after about 3 minutes.

What is COE-Pak periodontal dressing?

Coe-Pak™ is a two-component, noneugenol material for wound dressing, covering stitches and stabilizing loose teeth. •Promotes cleanliness and healing of wounds. •No burning sensation and no unpleasant taste or odor. •Smooth texture allows Coe-Pak to adapt closely to teeth and tissue to protect the wound.

Can I remove periodontal dressing?

REMOVE the dressing after 7 days if it has not fallen off and begin gentle brushing. EATING: Avoid eating on the side of surgery. Softer foods are easier to manage. ORAL HYGIENE: Avoid brushing the surgical area for 7 days post op.

What to do if periodontal dressing falls off?

The periodontal dressing, if placed, should not be disturbed. If the dressing falls off, after the first 24 hours, this is not a cause for concern. Simply continue with the postoperative protocol as recommended. If a Chlorhexidine rinse (Peridex®) was prescribed, rinse for a 3 full minutes pre-operatively.

What does periodontal dressing look like?

Periodontal dressings are a pink material that is occasionally placed around the teeth to protect the surgical area and provide comfort. Let the dressing harden for 2-3 hours before eating anything. It is normal for small particles or even the entire dressing to come off in the days following surgery.