What does xCORE-200 mean?

xCORE-200 multichannel audio board (XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB) xCORE-200 multichannel audio board for MFi (XK-AUDIO-216-MC-ABL) Although our USB Audio software runs on XS1-USB devices, we recommend that all new USB Audio 2.0 designs should be based on xCORE-200 XU (USB) devices.

What is Xbase and XCore?

Xcore is an extended concrete syntax for Ecore that, in combination with Xbase, transforms it into a fully fledged programming language with high quality tools reminiscent of the Java Development Tools.

Where can I use XCore in Java?

Xcore can be used in any properly-configured Java project. There’s a convenient wizard for creating an empty pre-configured project. Use “File → Project…” and enter “Xcore” in the filter field or locate “Xcore → Xcore Project”.

What does the final page of the XCore resource export do?

The final page allows you to choose which packages to export and the name of the Xcore resource in which to save them. Notice all the annotations that capture details that would otherwise be missing: