Is Fawkes a good companion?

Yes. Fawkes has the highest health of any companion, and he can regenerate before taking enough damage to be in any danger. I have good karma and he didn’t accept me as a companion once he grabbed the geck.

Where is Fawkes after project purity?

Should he find a way out, he will be at the Museum of History inside the lobby and right outside of Raven Rock after the quest The American Dream. If Broken Steel is installed, after activating Project Purity, he can generally be found either in the room with Sawbones or in the Jefferson Memorial.

Does Fallout 3 end after project purity?

If you’re not using Broken Steel, the game ends. You just need to make sure it’s enabled in Data Files from the launcher when launching the game. I can’t remember if you need to load a save from before your character enters the part of the Memorial with the Project Purity control room or not.

Is Fawkes a female Harry Potter?

Fawkes was a highly intelligent male phoenix and Albus Dumbledore’s animal companion and defender. It is unknown how long Fawkes had been in Dumbledore’s service. He had been loyal to Dumbledore for many years prior to the Headmaster’s death in 1997.

How much HP does Fawkes have?

With Broken Steel installed, Fawkes possesses a staggering amount of health at higher levels. At level 20 he has several thousand HP, more so than even a super mutant behemoth. This is due to a badly adjusted setting concerning Fawkes’ leveling, which grants him in excess of 100 HP per level gained.

How can I get free Fawkes?

To free him, you have to seek out a fire alarm system that, once activated, will open all of the locked cells in the area, including Fawkes’. To get there, head left, and then forward from Fawkes’ cell, swinging left again down a red-hued corridor.

Is Fawkes the best companion in Fallout 3?

If players seek a heavy hitter or a wonderful ally to immerse in role playing, Fawkes is undoubtedly the best Fallout 3 companion to do it with.

What happens if Fawkes starts the purifier?

When you start the purifier it may go through the cutscene, but then go black and back to normal after which you’ll still be in the control room, unable to move. Loading an early save should fix this. It is possible for Fawkes to spawn randomly in front of the Citadel, towards the bridge crossing the Potomac.

Is Project Purity in Fallout 3?

Project Purity appears in Fallout 3, Broken Steel, and is briefly mentioned by Deacon in Fallout 4 as well as a raider in Fallout Shelter during the quest Game Show Gauntlet.

Where is Guy Fawkes in Fallout 3 cut?

End of information based on Fallout 3 cut content. Fawkes lives in Isolation Room 05, a cell in Vault 87. Should he find a way out, he will be at the Museum of History inside the lobby and right outside of Raven Rock after the quest The American Dream.

What does Fawkes do in Fallout 76?

He repels any Enclave soldiers with an acquired Gatling laser to aid the player character’s escape. Any items given to Fawkes before the trip to Raven Rock will be gone when he is encountered yet again. If the Lone Wanderer’s Karma is high enough, they have the choice to add Fawkes as a companion.

What happens to the unused assets in Fallout 3?

These unused assets take the form of diary entrees and progress over an unspecified amount of time. Although Fawkes shares the same voice as most of the Fallout 3 ‘ s super mutants, he is explicitly defined within the game’s dialogue files as being the speaker in the final recording.