How do you maintain an industrial roof?

10 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips:

  1. Get Your Roof Inspected Twice a Year.
  2. Avoid Walking on the Roof.
  3. Check Your Roof after Bad Storms.
  4. Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean.
  5. Regularly Unclog Gutters and Drains.
  6. Prune Overhanging Tree Branches.
  7. Make Sure Your Roof Equipment is Functioning.
  8. Get Snow Cleared in Winter Months.

How do you maintain a roof NZ?

Annual maintenance checks

  1. Ensure the roof is dry – do not climb on to a wet or damp roof as they can be very slippery.
  2. Walk along the nail lines.
  3. On roofs over 15 degrees, slope use a roof ladder.
  4. If possible use an extended window cleaning brush to clean wall cladding, eaves and joinery from the ground.

How often should you perform roof maintenance?

Investing in roof maintenance goes a long way towards the long term health of your new roof. Even with a properly installed roof, it’s important to have at least an annual roof maintenance inspection.

How do you clean a commercial roof?

Scrub Roof Surface

  1. Start by rinsing the roof surface with a low-pressure power washer. Use a tool with 2,000 psi or lower pressure.
  2. Apply a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution to the surface with a soft-bristled, long-handled brush.
  3. Rinse the cleaner and dirt off the roof with the pressure washer.

How long should a roof last NZ?

15 years
By law all roofs in New Zealand have to have a minimum durability of 15 years. Many roofs will last two or three times as long because the house and roof were properly designed, professionally installed and well looked after. But all roofs have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced.

How long does a Decramastic roof last?

What is the Lifespan of Decramastic Tiles? New stone-coated roofing tiles, similar to those older-style decramastic tiles, have innovative technology that helps them to last for a long time. The protected steel, which is more robust than old galvanised steel, can last upwards of 50 years.

Which of the following would be used on a low slope roof?

Shingles are commonly used on low-slope roofs.

How often should roof vents be inspected?

The general answer is that you should have a professional inspect your roof at least once per year, with the building owner performing regular, year-round care, especially after bad weather. Usually, the spring or fall are when most people hire professional roofers to do thorough roof inspections.

How do you maintain a PVC roof?

How to clean your PVC roof without damaging it or the environment

  1. Water only.
  2. A non-sudsing, non-abrasive, powdered cleanser.
  3. An environmentally friendly cleaning solution made specifically for PVC roofs.
  4. A solution made from a mild, non-abrasive household detergent and water.

How do you clean a PVC membrane roof?

Use a soft-bristled, long-handled brush or floor broom with a cleaning solution consisting of a mild, non-abrasive household detergent and water to clean the surface of the roof membrane, taking care to not damage the top surface of the membrane.

Why choose AGC roof maintenance?

AGC Roof Maintenance have been servicing roofs from Wollongong in the south to the Central Coast in the north, and from Bondi in the east out to Katoomba in the west since 1986. Our extensive experience has led us to be one of the best roof restorer and maintenance companies in the area.

Why are regular roof maintenance and repairs important?

Regular maintenance and repairs are the key to prolonging the life of your roof and preventing major repairs in the future. Roofs are often in the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category until there’s a problem. With inclement weather on the increase in our area being pro-active is the key to stopping huge expenses down the line.

Why should I Have my Gutters serviced and replaced?

A well maintained gutter can save thousands down the line. At AGC Roof Maintenance, we repair and replace gutters and downpipes, offering long term solutions to help cut down future costs. Regular maintenance and repairs are the key to prolonging the life of your roof and preventing major repairs in the future.

How long have we been serving the Sydney roofing industry?

We have been serving the Sydney roofing industry for over 30 years, but if you decide to report a problem top social media and not us, then we cant help you!