Who makes 3D printers?

The original 3D printing company; 3D Systems was founded by Chuck Hull to commercialize stereolithography all the way back in 1986, two years after he invented the process. Since their first industrial 3D printer — the SLA-1 — 3D Systems has grown exponentially to annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

What is EOS 3D printing?

Founded by Dr Hans Langer in 1989, EOS experienced significant success during the 1990s through selling some of their early SLS 3D printers to companies including BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Originally an industrial 3D printer manufacturer in the Selective Laser Sintering market, EOS went on to pioneer Direct Metal Laser Sintering.

Which 3D printing company is the most valuable?

Since then, major 3D printing services such as Sculpteo have since introduced CLIP technologies into their service portfolio and Carbon have raised over $680M in total at a valuation of $2.4B. Since this valuation is wholly based on 3D printing, Carbon 3D is the most valuable 3D printing company.

Who are ExOne 3D printers?

Since being incorporated in 2005, ExOne have expanded to offer a variety of industrial, large 3D printer systems; including their S-Print, M-Print, and M-Flex systems. Though not quite the only incumbent, ExOne are in a similar situation to Arcam in that fewer companies operate in Binder Jetting than in the more crowded DMLS sector.