What were the main headlines in 2006?

The headlines in 2006 were marked by death, scandal and politics: 12 die in Sago Mine disaster. Former Enron executives guilty. Death sentence for Saddam Hussein. Iraq insurgent al-Zarqawi killed.

What was year 2005?

Years of the Rooster include 2029, 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945……Year of the Rooster Dates.

Zodiac Rooster Year When Type of Rooster
2005 February 9, 2005 – January 28, 2006 Wood Rooster

What happened in 2005 in the United States?

Worldwide protests occur against the Iraq War, with over 150,000 protesters in Washington, D.C. (see Opposition to the Iraq War). Hurricane Rita hits the U.S. Gulf Coast, devastating areas near Beaumont, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Where were London bombings 2005?

the London Underground
At 8:50 am explosions tore through three trains on the London Underground, killing 39. An hour later 13 people were killed when a bomb detonated on the upper deck of a bus in Tavistock Square. More than 700 people were injured in the four attacks.

What happened on 17th of August?

This Day in History: August 17 On this day in 1945, Sukarno declared Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands, and, after the Dutch transferred sovereignty four years later, he served as the country’s first president (1949–67).

What was the top news story of 2005?

Natural disasters dominated the news in 2005. A devastating storm, Hurricane Katrina, and its aftermath was the top story for the year. U.S. editors and news directors overwhelmingly picked the lethal hurricane and the deadly flooding which ravaged New Orleans, in The Associated Press’ (AP) annual vote.

What were the words of the year in 2005?

Turning to the literary arena, Merriam-Webster’s “Top Ten Words of the Year for 2005” based on online lookups were (in order): integrity, refugee, contempt, filibuster, insipid, tsunami, pandemic, conclave, levee, and inept.

What were some of the best-selling songs of 2005?

According to Nielsen SoundScan, Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of Mimi was the best-selling album of 2005, selling nearly 5 million copies. Her song “We Belong Together” was the most-played song on the radio. Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” was the most downloaded song of the year. It was downloaded more than 1.7 million times.

How many albums were sold in 2005?

However, 654 million albums were sold in 2005, a decrease of 3.9% from 2004. In July, millions of people attended Live 8, free concerts in nine countries—South Africa and each of the Group of Eight nations—to promote increased aid to Africa.