What is MLC Super ABN number?

70 732 426 024
The Trustee for MLC Super Fund 11

ABN: 70 732 426 024 View record on ABN Lookup
ABN Status: Active from 01 Jan 2016
Fund type: APRA Regulated Public Offer Fund
Contact details: MLC Super Fund 105-153 Miller Street NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060

What is the USI for MLC MasterKey business super?

The ABN for MLC Super MLC MasterKey Business Super is 44928361101. The USI for MLC Super MLC MasterKey Business Super is 44928361101001.

What is my MLC USI number?

MLC Superannuation Fund’s USI Number is 40022701955012.


The MLC Super Fund accepts all contribution types including Superannuation Guarantee contributions from any employer. The MLC Super Fund is authorised by APRA to offer a MySuper product and has the MySuper product identifier of 70 732 426 024 883.

What is Prime Super ABN number?

The ABN number of Prime Super is 60 562 335 823.

What is fund address MLC?

Fund address. MLC Super, PO Box 200, North Sydney NSW 2059.

What is MLC super fund address?

The fund address for MLC Super is: PO Box 200, Sydney, NSW 2059.

What type of super fund is MLC?

MLC MasterKey Business Super is a corporate super plan that helps you grow and protect your wealth.

Is MLC a self managed super fund?

This arrangement promotes true self management of the fund by ensuring all the members have the opportunity to be involved in making decisions that directly affect their superannuation.

How do I find my super prime number?

Digital member card This is stored on your smartphone. It has your member number and BPAY details to help you make additional contributions and allows you to email your super details directly to your employer when you start a new job.

How do I find my MLC account number?

To obtain your seven to eight digit account number: Login to mlc.com.au, select your account, select contribute, then select EFT. EFT payments are not available to customers who hold an MLC MasterKey Business Super or MLC MasterKey Personal Super account.

What is the ABN number of MLC superannuation fund?

The ABN number of MLC Superannuation Fund is 40 022 701 955 ABN stands for Australian Business Number. All business entities in Australia are required to register with the Australian governent in order to receive an ABN.

What are the administration details for MLC super fund?

The average member account balance for MLC Super Fund is $66,000. The MLC Super Fund ABN number is 70732426024. Below you can find the administration details for MLC Super Fund including whether the super fund is open to the general public (Public offer) or not (Non public offer) and how MLC Super Fund is structured.

What is the ABN and USI for MLC Super?

The ABN for MLC Super MLC MasterKey Superannuation is 44928361101. The USI for MLC Super MLC MasterKey Superannuation is 44928361101021. For more information on what these details describe, please scroll down for a more detailed description. If you require additional details for MLC Super try visiting SuperNumber.

What is MLC fund’s spin number?

What is MLC Fund’s SPIN number? NUL0086AU. SPIN number is short for Superannuation Product Identification number. A SPIN number identifies a super fund product, as opposed to the business entity, fund or trustee. It is used by government organsations and financial institutions to identify the super fund products that belong to a superfund.