What do the numbers mean on cast iron pots?

Ever wonder what that number on the handle of your cast-iron skillet means? It’s not, as you might think, the size of the pan. The number actually refers to the diameter of the pan in inches across the bottom of the pan, not across its flared top, which is the industry standard way to measure skillet size.

Which brand of cast iron pot is best?

Our Top Cast Iron Skillet Picks:

  • Best Overall: Victoria 10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet.
  • Best Overall Runner-Up: Lodge Pre-Seasoned 10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet.
  • Best for Camping: Ozark 3-Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set.
  • Easiest to Maintain: Le Creuset 10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet.

What is the value of cast iron?

Current Scrap Prices in New Jersey

(Last Modified: April 5th, 2022, 1:46 pm)
Metal/Material Current Price
Steel $200-$270/GT
Light Iron $200/GT
Cast Iron $280-$350/GT

When did Wagner stop making cast iron?

The Randall Company also acquired Griswold in 1957. Both companies were resold to Textron in 1959. Finally, in 1969, General Housewares Corporation bought both Wagner and Griswold and officially stopped production in 1994.

What number is a 10 inch cast iron skillet?

No. Top Diameter in inches Bottom Diameter in inches
8 10 5/8 8 7/8
9 11 3/8 9 1/2
10 11 3/4 10
11 12 1/2 10 7/8

Is iron worth anything?

Hint: Any magnet will do — even one from your fridge. If the magnet sticks to your metal: You have a ferrous metal in your hands — something common like steel or iron. Ferrous metal is not worth very much when you bring it to the scrap yard, but the scrap yard will accept it and make sure it is recycled properly.

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