How much can a Pettibone lift?

The powerful 1258X delivers a maximum lift height of 58 feet, 6 inches and load capacity up to 12,000 pounds.

What is a Pettibone used for?

The Pettibone (Cary-Lift) is a great advantage that we have when it comes to gondolas. When you have to dip down inside of the cars to pinch the pipe out and bring it back out safely without it all falling, it is a great convenience to have.

What is a Pettibone lift?

The Pettibone Cary-Lift is the ultimate machine for moving and placing pipe, poles, logs, scrap and other materials. This line of rough terrain forklifts is engineered to deliver enhanced visibility and stability where other vehicles fall short.

What is a Pettibone crane?

Pettibone specializes in material handling equipment and developing Telehandlers, Carry lifts, Rail Lifts, and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms that are safer, tougher, and purpose… Cranes For Sale (4) Specifications (61)

What is a Gradall forklift?

Gradall Telehandlers Forklift The rough-terrain Gradall 10K Forklift combines an impressive lift capacity with 41-foot maximum reach, and features 90-degree rear-pivot steering for the tight turning radius needed in crowded working areas.

What is a lull forklift?

Lull forklifts are used outside at construction sites and for maintenance work, along with other industrial applications. They combine their portable design that can easily be transported, with the body of a forklift truck and the boom arm that can pick up, lift, and otherwise handle materials.

Where are Pettibone telehandlers made?

Baraga, Michigan
Located in Baraga, Michigan, Pettibone specializes in material handling equipment. But far more than that, we specialize in developing machines that are safer, tougher, and that are purpose-built to specifically tackle the challenges at hand.

What is a JCB telehandler?

JCB Telehandlers are designed for ultimate manoeuvrability and are widely used in both agriculture and industry. The lift capacity, long reach and impressive lift height allow them to place loads on high areas that would otherwise be impractical without a crane, such as on rooftops or high platforms.

Where are Pettibone cranes made?

Who invented the Pettibone?

Daniel Pettibone
Daniel Pettibone (b. Goshen, Connecticut, 1743) was perhaps the American inventor of a device that played an increasingly important role in warming homes and public institutions through the early nineteenth century, and was the first practicable form of central heating system as well as the most common.

How much can a Gradall lift?

8000-lb capacity, 42′ reach, 4X4, crab steer. 6000 lb capacity, 36′ reach, 4X4, crrab steer. Straight mast forklifts. Fork positioner, new paint and decals.

Who makes Gradall telehandler?

the Alamo Group Inc.
Gradall, a product brand and company that has been an industrial mainstay in New Philadelphia, Ohio for over 50 years, has been sold to the Alamo Group Inc.