Are Uptempo pippens?

Nike Air More Uptempo The Nike Air More Uptempo is, hands down, Pippen’s most popular shoe, which is still sold to this day and was even the subject of a Supreme collaboration. Pippen wore the sneaker during the Bulls’ legendary 72-10 season, as well as during the 1996 Olympics.

Who wears Nike Uptempo?

Originally released in 1996, the Air More Uptempo is known most for the striking way in which the word “Air” is inscribed onto the upper as well as the blow molded visible Air Sole units. It was worn by Bulls star Scottie Pippen on his way to his fourth NBA title, sixth All-Star Game, and 1996 Olympic gold medal.

Are Nike Uptempos worth it?

A lot of buyers say that the Air More Uptempo is a durable shoe from the Swoosh. Many wearers love that these Nike basketball shoes are stylish enough for everyday use. Like the Air Jordan 1 Retro, several players note that this hooping classic from the Swoosh is still able to provide good ankle support.

What year did Uptempos come out?

The Nike Air More Uptempo is a popular basketball sneaker that debuted in 1996. The “AIR” lettering draws inspiration from oversized objects from ’90’s graffiti and pop art. It was designed by Wilson Smith and made famous by Scottie Pippen in the late ’90s.

How tall is Pippen?

6′ 8″Scottie Pippen / Height

Did Pippen have shoe deal?

After the Bulls’ dynasty ascended, however, Pippen joined Nike and released several signature shoes, including the Pippen 1 in 1997. Pippen also had endorsement deals with Frito-Lay, Visa, and Ameritech Cellular TV, as well as other major companies like McDonald’s, Right Guard and Coca-Cola.

Who created Uptempos?

But, there’s a lot to be said for models from Charles Barkley’s line to those of Scottie Pippen. The latter of those would be forever linked to the Air More Uptempo after donning them. The designer of this remarkable sneaker is Wilson Smith, who is responsible for the sneaker’s unique branding strategy.

Is uptempo comfortable?

Comfort: The Uptempo features a Nike Air midsole so it’s very comfortable and can be worn all day long both on or off the court. Care: Use a soft microfibre cloth and warm, soapy water to clean these Nikes.

How much height do Nike Uptempos add?

The thick leather upper was fitten a number of bulky support features, perforations, and that iconic oversized AIR lateral branding. The cushion on this model practically adds two inches to your height. And, of course, the high cut was a popular build for basketball shoes from that era.

Who was the uptempo made for?

Who made Nike Uptempos?

Wilson Smith
The Air More Uptempo stands as one of the most distinct models in Nike Basketball’s rich catalog. Conceived by Wilson Smith in 1996, the More Uptempo’s bold ‘Air’ branding speaks volumes, but there’s more than one reason why this particular model returns with more frequency than others.