Who owns Pappas restaurant chain?

Chris and Harris Pappas
Chris and Harris Pappas, founders of Pappas Restaurants, Inc., own and operate nearly 100 restaurants in seven states. Their brother, the late Greg Pappas, also was instrumental in the company’s success.

Did Pappas buy Fuddruckers?

Chris Pappas, former CEO of Luby’s Inc., has acquired a company-owned Fuddruckers that occupies a property near Memorial City Mall owned by an affiliate of his.

Did Pappas buy Luby’s?

Pappas struggled through much of the last few years to keep Luby’s afloat. But after the company failed to find a buyer of the two-brand company or its major holdings, the board decided last year to liquidate. Today, the company operates 58 Luby’s Cafeterias and 24 Fuddruckers fast-casual burger restaurants.

Is Pappas a publicly traded company?

The deal marked the Pappas brother’s first ownership in a publicly traded company.

Who bought Fuddruckers?

Nicholas Perkins acquired the Fuddruckers franchise for an estimated $18.5 million dollars, making him the largest franchise owner and the first African American to have total ownership of a national burger business.

When did Luby’s buy Fuddruckers?

June 2010
Luby’s acquired Fuddruckers in June 2010, buying its former owner Magic Brands out of bankruptcy for $63.5 million. “I firmly believe I have the managerial abilities to restore this iconic brand to prominence,” Perkins said.

Who owns lubys restaurant?

Calvin Gin
In the past, Luby’s Inc. also owned the Fuddruckers, Koo Koo Roo, and Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant chains. There are 51 locations in Texas….Luby’s.

Trade name Luby’s
Net income −US$15.226 million (2019)
Owner Calvin Gin
Number of employees 6133 (2019)
Parent Flying Food Group