What is Na2HPO4 12h2o?

di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate.

How do you calculate molar mass formula?

The characteristic molar mass of an element is simply the atomic mass in g/mol. However, molar mass can also be calculated by multiplying the atomic mass in amu by the molar mass constant (1 g/mol). To calculate the molar mass of a compound with multiple atoms, sum all the atomic mass of the constituent atoms.

What is the molecular weight of Na2HPO4 7H2O?


CAS Number 7782-85-6 (Cas number click. Product search of same number.)
Linear Formula Na2HPO4 · 7H2O; Hna2O4P · 7H2O
Molecular Weight 268.07
Product Name(Korean) 제이인산나트륨 7수화물
Syhonym Disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate

What is the molar mass of p4o6?

219.88 g/molPhosphorus trioxide / Molar mass

What is the composition of P in na2hpo4?

The percentage composition of sodium phosphate as determined by analysis is 42.1% sodium, 18.9 % phosphorus and 39 % oxygen.

What is the constituent element of Na2HPO4?

Disodium hydrogen phosphate

PubChem CID 24203
Synonyms 7558-79-4 Disodium hydrogen phosphate Disodium hydrogenorthophosphate Sodium phosphate dibasic DISODIUM PHOSPHATE More…
Molecular Weight 141.959
Component Compounds CID 5360545 (Sodium) CID 1004 (Phosphoric acid) CID 3681305 (Hydrogen phosphate)

What is na2hpo4 7h2o?

Sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate Synonym(s): Disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, Disodium phosphate.

What is the molar mass of Na2SO4 10h20?

Molar mass calculator computes molar mass, molecular weight and elemental composition of any given compound. Massa molar of Na2SO4*10H2O Massa Molar, Peso Molecular e Calculadora da Composição Elementar

Which is the formula mass of Na2SO4?

What is the molar mass of Na2SO4? Sodium sulfate/Molar mass The formula mass for sodium sulfate was calculated on page T-9. Referring to those numbers, the formula Na2SO4 means: two moles sodium (45.98 g), one mole sulfur (32.06 g), and four moles oxygen (64.00 g) combine to form one mole of sodium sulfate (142.04 g).

How do you calculate experimental molar mass?

Use a volumetric flask.

  • Add some of your solvent to the flask,but not all of it.
  • Measure out the needed amount of stock solution.
  • Add your measured stock solution to the volumetric flask.
  • Carefully fill the flask to the marked line with solvent.
  • Are molar mass and molecular mass the same thing?

    The major difference between molar mass and molecular mass is molar mass refers to mass of a mole of a substance whereas molecular mass refers to the mass of molecules. Download BYJU’S the learning app to know more