What is a choppy long bob?

A long choppy bob is a shoulder-length cut with jagged and textured ends that softens the style. Its versatility is one of its best assets. It appears stunning on either sleek and wavy hair, with or without bangs.

Does a choppy bob have layers?

The choppy bob is a modern bob that has many short layers. Adding choppy layers creates a textured bob that gives it more movement and definition. Choppy bobs are created using standard or razor shears to cut shorter sections of the hair. A bob with choppy layers is a great haircut for women with thin and thick hair.

Is a choppy bob low maintenance?

Messy Short Angled Bob My favorite thing about this short angled bob with choppy layers is that both the cut and color are super low maintenance.

What does a choppy haircut mean?

Choppy layers are a bold cut which is used to create volume, definition and movement in your hair. Your stylist will cut large chunks of hair in defined, yet uneven or asymmetrical proportions to create a blunt, edgy look.

What is a graduated bob hair cut?

A graduated bob is a type of bob that has more length in front and more volume at the back. Also known as the stacked bob cut, this haircut is made up of layers that are stacked at the back, gradually increasing in length as it goes to the front.

How to style choppy long angled Bob style?

The choppy lob style is unique and is easy to work with. Go out with straight hair or add some waves to lift up the cut. 20. Choppy Long Angled Bob Style your hair with some chunky highlights. You will be surprised by how well it can turn out. The long A-line cut to complement the shade as well.

What is the best color for a long choppy Bob?

The silver-gray highlights over dark brown hair are a flattering and eye-catching color choice for a long choppy bob. The tousled, angled layers create a sense of depth and richness. The hairstyle has extra long front pieces that touch the clavicles in a cascade of face-framing waves.

Which is the best long choppy bob haircut for this season?

20 Amazing Long Choppy Bob Haircuts for This Season. 1 1. Long Choppy Bob with Bangs. Choppy ends give your hair a fabulous texture! A blonde color for your straight bob haircut is going to make a lot of 2 2. Choppy Straight Lob Haircut. 3 3. Long Choppy Thick Bob. 4 4. Choppy Long Bob for Fine Hair. 5 5. Long Choppy Brunette Bob.

What is a graduated long bob hairstyle?

Low-key and ultra textured, this graduated long bob is the perfect hairstyle for those that want a cut that will still allow them to have some length. Credit: @studioy.