How much is hybrid plus speakers?

Hybrid+ PK15 15″ Speaker R6,395.00 Incl.

Is Hybrid a good audio brand?

Initially launched in 2005 and refined over the past decade, the widely acclaimed Legatia Series is the product that defined Hybrid Audio Technologies as a brand and its quality. Legatia is a truly high-end approach to in-car sound quality and acoustical performance.

How much would a whole sound system cost?

At Car Stereo City, you could expect to pay as little as $400 to $500 for a complete car audio system package, including our professional installation services, depending on the system you choose.

Can I put a sound system in a hybrid?

Can I install a new stereo or an amplifier in my hybrid? Yes, as long as you do it right.

Where is hybrid speakers made?

Hybrid Speaker Factory, Hybrid Speaker Factory Manufacturers & Suppliers |

What is Hybrid Plus?

The Hybrid Plus is a mix of the Vintage Custom Bobbin/magnet construction, and the Modern coil wind. The “Plus” means more coil wire for each position. The Hybrid Neck is in the normal bridge wind territory and each position goes up 1,000 turns from here.

Does Audi make a hybrid SUV?

Combining an electric motor and gasoline engine, this plug-in hybrid SUV provides the performance you crave, with an output of 362 HP and capability of 0-60 mph in 5 seconds—all while delivering exceptional efficiency.

Can you put a subwoofer in an EV?

Hybrid and all-electric vehicles are a great platform for stereo system upgrade. While your local specialist mobile enhancement retailer can’t tap into the main battery pack, the electrical system on these cars or trucks is more than adequate to power an amplifier to drive new speakers or a subwoofer.

Can I put a subwoofer in an electric car?

Yes you can. Many people spend $50,000 and more to install very good sound systems in their electric cars and gasoline driven cars.

What is hybrid audio technologies?

Welcome to the world of Hybrid Audio Technologies, where state of the art high end mobile audio loudspeaker technology is our passion. Hybrid Audio speakers are the best automotive speakers money can buy and continually push the limits of automotive sound-stage reproduction.

Are hybrid audio subwoofers sold individually or in pairs?

All Hybrid Audio Subwoofers are sold individually. The Hybrid Audio Clarus C15SW subwoofers are the ideal multi-format subwoofer speaker system, and are an upgrade for the Imagine-series subwoofer drivers.

Why buy hybrid audio midrange speakers under $200?

This cost-effective solution offers the opportunity for customers to benefit from the legendary quality of Hybrid Audio midrange speakers in the sub $200 price category.

What are the key features of the hybrid audio frame?

The frame includes spider venting for improved thermal power handling. The frame includes reverse-roll surround tooling proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, allowing for close tolerance flush and iso-mounting for easy grille clearance and localization clearance.