Who was the first prime minister of Europe?

From 1721, this was the Whig politician Robert Walpole, who held office for twenty-one years. Walpole chaired cabinet meetings, appointed all the other ministers, dispensed the royal patronage and packed the House of Commons with his supporters. Under Walpole, the doctrine of cabinet solidarity developed.

Where does Denmark Prime Minister live?

Marienborg, a mid 18th-century country house perched on a small hilltop on the northern shore of Bagsværd Lake, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of downtown Copenhagen, has served as the official residence of Denmark’s prime minister since 1962.

Who is Stephen Kinnock dad?

Neil KinnockStephen Kinnock / Father

Why is the Netflix series called Borgen?

In Danish, Borgen, lit. ‘The Castle’, is the informal name of Christiansborg Palace where all three branches of Danish government reside: the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court, and is often used as a stand in term for the Danish parliament.

What did Margaret Thatcher believe in?

As a political-economic philosophy Thatcherism was originally built upon four components: commitment to free enterprise; British nationalism; a plan to strengthen the state by improving efficiency; and a belief in traditional Victorian values especially hard work and civic responsibility.

Did Denmark have a female prime minister?

Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Danish pronunciation: [ˈhelə ˈtsʰoɐ̯ne̝ŋ ˈsme̝t]; born 14 December 1966) is a Danish retired politician who served as the 26th Prime Minister of Denmark from 2011 to 2015, and Leader of the Social Democrats from 2005 to 2015. She is the first woman to have held each post.

Who is Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

See Article History. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, (born December 14, 1966, Rødovre, Denmark), Danish politician who became Denmark’s first female prime minister when she took office in 2011.

What happened to Helena Thorning-Schmidt?

On 4 September 2015, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced that the Danish government had nominated Thorning-Schmidt as Denmark’s official candidate to the position as new United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. After her retirement from Danish politics, Thorning-Schmidt served as the CEO of Save the Children from 2016 until 2019.

Who is Helen Thorning-Schmidt’s husband?

Center for Global Development, Member of the European Advisory Group Thorning-Schmidt married Welsh politician Stephen Kinnock in 1996, becoming the daughter-in-law of Neil Kinnock, former Leader of the Opposition and leader of the British Labour Party and European Commissioner, and Glenys Kinnock, former British Minister for Europe.

How did Helle Thorning-Schmidt become Prime Minister?

Rasmussen’s cabinet remained in office as a caretaker government until 3 October, when Helle Thorning-Schmidt was appointed Prime Minister by the Queen following negotiations with the other opposition parties.