Where did the expression muckety-muck come from?

The original English form of “mucky muck” was “high-muck-a-muck,” and it comes from Chinook Jargon, a hybrid of English, French and the Indian languages of the Pacific Northwest of the US once widely spoken in that region. In Chinook Jargon, “muckamuck” meant “food” (or, as a verb, “to eat”).

What’s muckety-muck mean?

Definition of muckety-muck : an important and often arrogant person.

What is the Native American word for high muck a muck?

High muckamuck, for example, comes from Chinook Jargon hayo makamak, “plenty to eat.” Somebody with plenty to eat can afford to feed others and gain status in the community, and in fact, one of the most important ceremonies common to the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest was the potlatch (another English word …

What is high Muckamuck?

Definitions of high muckamuck. an important or influential (and often overbearing) person. synonyms: VIP, dignitary, high-up, panjandrum, very important person. type of: important person, influential person, personage. a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

What is the opposite of muck?

Opposite of foul matter, especially dirt, which soils or defiles. assets. cleanliness.

What does Hayo Makamak mean?

plenty to eat, much food
First recorded in 1855–60; from Chinook Jargon hayo makamak literally, “plenty to eat, much food,” perhaps extended derisively to Indians of high status with much disposable wealth, as for potlatches; hayo, from Nootka ḥayo “ten” (the base of various measures with suffixes for specific countable nouns); mak(a)mak “eat.

What does it mean to run a muck?

1 : in a violently raging, wild, or uncontrolled manner —used in the phrase run amok rioters running amok in the streetsConditions had allowed extremism to run amok. 2 : in a murderously frenzied state. amok. adjective.

What is the synonym of muck?

noun. 1’I’ll just clean the muck off the windscreen’ dirt, grime, filth, mud, slime, sludge, scum, mire, mess.

What does Muckety-muck mean?

Definition of muckety-muck : an important and often arrogant person Synonyms & Antonyms for muckety-muck

What is the origin of the word muckamuck?

Muckamuck may originally come from the Nootka mahomaq, meaning whalemeat, but this last is uncertain. English use of muckamuck, in the sense of to eat, dates to 1838 when it appears in a glossary, Samuel Parker’s Journal of an Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains: Eat, mucamuc

What is a high muckamuck?

The sense meaning an important person appears first as high muckamuck. This is from the Chinook Jargon hiu (plenty) + muckamuck (food). A visitor or guest who was important would rate a banquet, but in English the first element was reinterpreted to mean high, or important.

Are Baseball’s muckety-mucks thinking about raising the mound?

‘Baseball’s muckety-mucks are thinking about raising the mound.’ ‘Got a lift most of the way home with one of the higher muckety-mucks at work, which was cool – he offered and I sure as hell wasn’t dumb enough to turn it down.’ ‘That’s more management muckety-mucks than you’ll find at a General Motors board meeting.’