What is Kikli in Punjabi?

Kikkli (Punjabi: ਕਿੱਕਲੀ, pronounced: kick-lee), also spelled as Kikli, is one of the folk dances of Punjabi females performed by two girls holding hands and twirling each other in circle and balancing their positions in circular motions. It is generally popular in young girls and performed in pairs.

Is Kikli a dance?

kikli, dance performed by girls and young women in northern India and Pakistan. Dancers, in pairs, clasp hands over crossed arms and stretch backward and whirl. The dance is charged with energy and fast rhythms and is often accompanied by traditional rhyming songs.

What is dhamal dance?

Dhamal is a folk dance form in Haryana whose origin is rooted back to the days of the Mahabharat. The Dhamal dance is famous in the Gurgaon area, which is inhabited by Ahirs. Men perform this dance outdoors only on moonlit nights of Phalgun month. They sing and dance with the sound of the Dhamal beats.

Which state dance is Dumhal?

territory of Jammu and Kashmir
Dumhal is a dance performed in the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir by the Watal tribe. Only the men folk of the wattal are privileged to perform this dance, on specific occasions and at set locations.

Which state dance is ghoomar?

Rajasthan culture
Rajasthan culture dance of Rajasthan is the ghoomar, which is performed on festive occasions by only women.

What is the meaning of Jhoomar?

The word “Jhumar” comes from Jhum/Jhoom, which means Swaying. The songs evoke a quality which reminds of swaying. Though the content of these songs is varied – they are usually love with emotional songs too. The Jhumar is a dance of ecstasy. Jhumar is performed at the wedding ceremonies usually.

What is PHAG dance?

Description: Faag or Phaag dance is a popular folk dance form of Haryana. This folk dance is performed by the agricultural community of Haryana. Phag dance is celebrated primarily in the months of February and March. These months fall in Falgun month in the Hindu calendar, which has lent its name to the dance.