What is a WSO ID number?

WSO ID is a number assigned by the WSO at the time of registration. Groups registered after January 2007 have an 8. digit number, groups registered before 2007 have an ID number with 6 or less digits. District Number and Area Name. (Abbreviation) are used to sort information for group reports.

What does the AL stand for in Al-Anon?

Alcoholics Anonymous
In 1951, Al-Anon was officially established with 56 member groups across the continental United States. They chose the name from the first syllables of “Alcoholics Anonymous” and, in keeping with the founding principles, adopted the Twelve Steps (and later the Twelve Traditions) in a slightly modified form.

What is WSO Al-Anon?

World Service Office (WSO) The Trustees, along with the members of the Executive Committee, direct the business operations of the WSO. They are concerned with guarding the legal rights of the Al-Anon fellowship.

Who was anon?

So, a picture of Anon emerges: a witty, slightly cynical, philosopher of the people. He could sum up the essence of an idea in one pithy sentence. Though many others plagiarized his works, he never complained. He must have cared little for money, for there is no record that he was ever paid for any of his work.

Who was anon in the Bible?

Onan (Hebrew: אוֹנָן‎, Modern: Onan, Tiberian: ʼÔnān “Mourner”; Greek: Αὐνάν Aunan) is a minor biblical person in the Book of Genesis chapter 38, who was the second son of Judah. Like his older brother Er, Onan was slain by God.

How to find an Al Anon meeting?

Al‑Anon is a mutual support group.

  • You are free to ask questions or to talk about your situation at your first meeting.
  • Every meeting is different.
  • Al‑Anon is not a religious program.
  • It will take some time to fully understand the significance of anonymity to the Al‑Anon program.
  • What is the goal of Al Anon?

    Al-Anon Family Groups, commonly known simply as Al-Anon, is a confidential program for families and friends of alcoholics. The goal of Al-Anon isn’t to provide interventions or convince a loved one to stop drinking, but an opportunity to get together and share common experiences and much-needed mutual support.

    Is Al Anon right for me?

    Simply put – Al-Anon is right for you if you are drawn to it (as I was) and, YOU want to keep coming back to find the answers you seek (again, as was I). I am the type to NOT accept someone telling me I don’t need to understand something – just accept it.

    What is Al-Anon and how does it work?

    How it Works, What to Expect. Al anon is a self-help group for people who live with or are affected by an alcoholic. Alanon is not run by a professional. It is run by the people in the group – that’s why it’s called a self-help group. Al anon is modeled on the twelve steps on AA. Members acknowledge that they are powerless over alcohol (over the alcoholic in their lives) and that their lives have become unmanageable.