What herbicide can you spray on asparagus?

Paraquat (Gramoxone Inteon) is a contact herbicide that is effective against both grasses and broadleaf weeds and must be applied before asparagus spears emerge. It is most effective when applied as a broadcast application to weeds that are in the two- to four-leaf stage.

What can you spray in asparagus patch to kill weeds?

Glyphosate is systemic and works best at controlling perennial weeds. It can be broadcast over the entire planting area in early spring before new asparagus grown emerges or after the last harvest. Snap all spears 1/2 inch below the soil line, so no spears are above ground, then overspray the planting area.

What will kill asparagus?

The best weed killer for asparagus plants is a systemic herbicide containing glyphosate. Roundup is absorbed through the leaves and works down to the root, killing the entire plant. Because it tackles the whole plant, it gets rid of the weeds in your garden for good.

How do you control the grass from asparagus?

Asparagus growers have several choices of herbicides for control of emerged weeds. The synthetic auxin herbicides 2,4-D (Formula 40, Embed Extra) and dicamba (Clarity) are effective against many broadleaf annuals and perennials. They also can injure asparagus plants if there is too much contact with spears or fern.

What do you fertilize asparagus with?

Asparagus can be fertilized in early spring before the spears emerge. An application of 1 to 1.5 pounds of an all-purpose garden fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, per 100 square feet should be adequate. Asparagus can also be fertilized after the last harvest in June. Using a nitrogen fertilizer, apply .

How do you get rid of grass in asparagus patches?

In order to kill weeds in asparagus beds, apply salt or a weed killer in spring or fall, when asparagus is dormant. To prevent new weeds from sprouting, use a pre-emergent herbicide, such as Preen or Corn Gluten Meal in spring. Top the soil in your asparagus bed with 3–4 inches of mulch to keep weeds out.

Will broadleaf herbicide kill asparagus?

Does glyphosate kill asparagus?

Roundup is a Glyphosate-based product, meaning it will kill any actively growing plant it is sprayed on. If you spray it on asparagus beds with actively growing spears or ferns, you will kill the asparagus along with the weeds.

What kind of fertilizer does asparagus like?

The best fertilizer for asparagus will feature a balanced formula that contains equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, such as a 10-10-10 or 15-15-15 blend. Beginning in the fourth year, apply fertilizer after the final harvest in late spring or early summer, instead of a spring application.

Can you use 24d on asparagus?

The synthetic auxin herbicides 2,4-D (Formula 40, Embed Extra) and dicamba (Clarity) are effective against many broadleaf annuals and perennials. They also can injure asparagus plants if there is too much contact with spears or fern. They should be applied within one day of the final harvest in a field.

How do you increase yield on asparagus?

You can top-dress with a balanced organic fertilizer, or scatter another inch of rich, weed-free compost over the decomposing mulch. Do NOT cut down the remaining ferns in summer or you will ruin your asparagus bed. Allow the ferns to grow and mature; this replenishes the nutrients for next year’s spear production.

When should I apply herbicide to my asparagus?

Many persistent weeds require several herbicide applications to maintain control throughout the asparagus growing season (April through September). Winter annual and perennial weeds have emerged and are growing well.

How to control weeds in asparagus?

Cool, wet spring may increase weed control challenges in asparagus. Weeds are emerging in asparagus fields even if asparagus is delayed by cool weather. Asparagus growers have an opportunity to prepare and implement a season-long weed control program to kill emerged weeds and suppress weed germination.

What is the best photosynthesis inhibitor for asparagus?

Diuron (Karmex) is a good photosynthesis (PS II) inhibitor with a broad range of activity. Because of the presence of PS II-resistant Powell amaranth (and other resistant pigweeds) in most Michigan asparagus areas, always add another pre-emergence herbicide with a mode of action different from diuron.

How to select herbicides for the residual application after harvest?

For the residual application after harvest, select two herbicides with modes of action different from those used in the spring.