How much capacity does a CD-R have?


Encoding Various
Capacity Typically up to 700 MiB (up to 80 minutes audio)
Read mechanism 600-780 nm wavelength (infrared and red edge) semiconductor laser, 1200 Kibit/s (1×) to 100Mb/s (56x)
Write mechanism 780 nm wavelength (infrared and red edge) semiconductor laser
Standard Rainbow Books

What can you do with a blank DVD?

Top 10 Things You Can Do with a DVD

  1. Rip DVDs to video with little fuss. Advertisement.
  2. Burn any video file to a playable DVD.
  3. Get your DVDs on your iPod or iPhone for free.
  4. Easily play ripped DVDs.
  5. Automatically catalog your DVD collection.
  6. Create ISOs from DVDs.
  7. Put Wikipedia on a DVD.
  8. Mount ISO files as virtual drives.

How do you use a DVD R?

Use a DVD-R as a music CD and burn your favorite music for extended play.

  1. Open Windows Media Player and select the “Burn” tab at the top of the player.
  2. Open the DVD drive and insert a blank DVD-R into the drive.
  3. Click the “Library” tab and navigate to the music files you wish to burn onto the DVD-R.

Can DVD-R play on CD players?

You can play the disc as if it’s an audio disc with a DVD player, but a CD (audio) player will not work if the content is burnt to a DVD.

How much space does Memorex CD-R have?

The Memorex CD-R is a write once, single sided disc. It provides 700 MB of space, which translates to eighty minutes of audio recording time. You can use this disc in 1x – 52x write speed compatible writers.

Do Memorex 700mb/80-minute data CD-R’s work in the JVC?

What’s weird it that I finished off a pack of supposedly identical Memorex 700MB/80-Minute 52x Data CD-R’s 2 years ago, and all of these worked just fine in the JVC–and still do. I haven’t burned anything in 2 years and just bought this new 50-spindle pack last week.

How can you tell if a Memorex CD has failed?

One last note: when I visually compare a CD from the current spindle with a CD from the “identical” Memorex set I bought some years ago, the old Memorex CD has a very slight golden tinge on the top side compared to new failed CD.

How long is a CD-R disc?

All CD-R discs are 80 minute/700 MB discs that are up to 48X drive speed compatible. Ease of use, quality, convenience, and value are only a few of the many reasons that have made the CD-R the most popular blank media available.