How far is Auto Park Hotel con Ristorante interno e Grande parcheggio gratuito?

AUTO PARK HOTEL con Ristorante interno e grande parcheggio gratuito is 2.5 miles from the center of Florence. Can I park a car at AUTO PARK HOTEL con Ristorante interno e grande parcheggio gratuito?

Where is the Auto Park Hotel Florence?

The Auto Park Hotel is situated in the commercial area of Florence. This hotel is located 3km from the Florence historic centre, for this reason it is a perfect place for guests looking for comfort and relax.

Is the autport motel a good place to stay?

We needed a place to stay and found the Autport Motel. Prices were reasonable and we were shocked at how clean and nice the rooms were. Service was great and we will definitely be back for our next trip. And the restaurant isn’t too bad either! This Place was Awesome!!!

Where to stay near Peretola airport?

Set in the Novoli district, it is a 5-minute drive from Peretola Airport. All rooms feature satellite TV and are divided between the main building and the external building. Hotel Auto Park has a large garden and a restaurant open for dinner.