How do I reset my Spectra Laser?

To deactivate Standby mode and restore full operation of the laser, press and hold the Manual button at the laser or remote control again for 3 seconds. The height of instrument (HI) is the elevation of the laser’s beam. The HI is determined by adding the grade-rod reading to a benchmark or known elevation.

What is Spectra Precision Laser used for?

The Spectra PrecisionĀ® LL300S is a ruggedized, fully automatic self-leveling Laser Level for all general concrete and site preparation applications. With the addition of the grade arrow buttons, grade matching can be performed while the other axis remains self leveled.

Are Spectra Precision Lasers waterproof?

Spectra Precision CR600 Combination Laser Level Receiver with Rod Clamp, Magnetic Mount, Batteries, Waterproof, Lightweight, Bright LED Indicators.

How do you change the slope on a Spectra Laser?

Additionally, the X-axis can be sloped by pressing the Left- and Right- Arrow-buttons on the laser or remote control. In vertical mode, the up and down arrow buttons align the laser beam to the right/left side, and the left and right arrow buttons adjust the slope of the laser beam.

Is Spectra made by Trimble?

Spectra Geospatial has long been an established brand, belonging to Trimble Inc., known for delivering quality products to the survey and construction markets.

Does Spectra laser work for melasma?

The Spectra laser can be effective at removing pigmentation that lies deep within the skin and can be used on patients with darker skin types (Arora). Like other types of laser treatments, Spectra is most effective at removing melasma when combined with topical therapies.

How much does a spectra 1145 detector laser cost?

5 Offers To Buy Spectra 1145 Detector Laser Prices From $139.98 To $188.67. MODEL # 1145 Made By Spectra. Prices Last Updated On February 5th, 2022 02:12:54 AM.

Why choose an 1145-2 dual slope laser level?

Spectra Precision Laserplane 1145-2 dual slope laser level was built from the ground up with long range and precise grade applications in mind. Large electronic self-leveling range, direct entry grades up to 9.9%, and 2000 feet of working range makes the Laserplane 1145-2 the optimum dual slope laser level.

How long does it take to return a laserplane control box?

Cb2ecd Spectra Laserplane Control Box (35. 4% similar) All item must be returns within 1-2 days after received, if there any dissatisfaction with it my goal is to have a satisfy customer at times. Good luck what you see is get winner pays trough post office. Please contact us before bidding for a shipping quote. My polices. What you see its.

What kind of model is the 2051 Spectra Physics laserplane tripod surveying?

2051 Spectra Physics Laserplane Tripod Surveying Model Rugged Metal Heavy Duty (42.3% similar) Spectra physics heavy tripod surveying model check out our other great finds in hunted treasure store. Str huntedtreasure. Condition is used…. (posted on March 31st, 2019)