How can I get scholarship in UQ?

Scholarships are awarded solely on academic achievement to applicants who achieve a minimum ATAR of 99.90 (or equivalent). Award value: $12,000 per year for up to five years.

How do high school students get scholarships in Australia?

Be an Australian citizen or resident. Come from a disadvantaged background, such as low income or low parental education. Have proof of academic potential from their school principal. Demonstrate leadership potential by involvement in extracurricular activities in the community.

Is it difficult to get into UQ?

UQ has really high academic standards and it is really hard to get a grade above an 85% (about as hard as it is to get a grade above a 95% in the States).

Is UQ a good university?

UQ ranks among the world’s top universities, as measured by several key independent rankings, including the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2021 (32)*, U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings 2021 (36), the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities 2020 (39), QS World University Rankings 2022 (47).

Is UQ a good University?

Where can I find out more about UQ scholarships?

Visit the UQ Scholarships website to see the full range of University-wide scholarships, including opportunities for international students and high school students. Our Faculty of Science also offers several opportunities. Recipient: students other than recipients of the Madalen Kitty Ravenhill Hulbert Memorial Prize.

What is the UQ Maths Assistance Program?

Details: to provide assistance to students who are experiencing financial hardship, to study mathematics and statistics at UQ. Recipient: student with greatest proficiency in first attempt at 6 units of level 3 pure mathematics courses, taken in one year, or in 2 years if a part-time student.

What is the eligibility criteria for the scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit in undergraduate studies and relevant work experience. Full-time domestic students enrolled in an Economics program or associated dual, and experiencing financial hardship (BAFE not eligible).

Are there any scholarships and bursaries available for international students?

To attract the best and brightest students from around Australia and the world, we’ve introduced a number of highly sought-after scholarships and bursaries for domestic and international students. Students are encouraged to check which are available and to note the relevant eligibility requirements, closing dates and contact details.