Did Bonnie Tyler Sing simply the best?

The Original: Bonnie Tyler “(Simply) The Best” (1988) The O.G. of this stellar song goes to Bonnie Tyler.

Who wrote simply the best song?

Holly Knight
Mike Chapman
The Best/Composers

Did Irma Thomas record simply the best?

The film’s actors Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi, whose characters fell in love in the movie, danced to the song. After several years’ break from recording, she was signed by Rounder Records, and in 1991 earned her first Grammy Award nomination for Live! Simply the Best, recorded in San Francisco.

Who played sax on simply the best?

Mel Collins

Artist Credit
Mel Collins Saxophone
Phil Collins Drums, Guest Artist
Richard Cottle Keyboards
Danny Cummings Shaker

What is the meaning of simply the best?

According to wikipedia, the slogan is “Simply the best.” Here “simply” means “really, literally, truly” as opposed to “in a simple fashion.” So an Italian rendering could be Veramente il migliore.

Who played saxophone on Simply The Best Tina Turner?

Tim Cappello (born May 3, 1955), also credited as Timmy Cappello, is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist. He is primarily known for his saxophone work supporting Tina Turner in the 1980s and 90s, as well as for his musical performance in the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys.

Did Tina Turner date her saxophone player?

Raymond Hill Photo: From 1956 to 1958, Tina Turner dated saxophonist and singer Raymond Hill. They conceived her first child together and named him after his father.

Who wrote you’re Simply the Best by Tina Turner?

What happened to Aretha Franklin’s sister?

She died of lung cancer on September 7, 2002, at the of age 64. Erma is played by actress Saycon Sengbloh in the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect.

Who wrote the best by Bonnie Tyler?

For other songs, see Best § Songs. ” The Best ” is a song by Bonnie Tyler for her seventh studio album, Hide Your Heart (1988). In the following year, the song was covered by Tina Turner for her seventh studio album, Foreign Affair. The song was written by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman .

Did Tina Turner ever sing simply the best?

Couldn’t find anything. Also known as “Simply The Best,” this became a signature song for Tina Turner, but it was originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler on her 1988 album Hide Your Heart (released as Notes From America in the United States). Tyler’s version went to #95 in the UK and wasn’t released as a single in America.

Who sang the song (simply) the best?

In 1992, Turner recorded ” (Simply) The Best “, a duet version of the song with Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes, to promote that year’s New South Wales Rugby League season in Australia. The single subsequently appeared on a limited edition bonus disc as part of the Australian release of her compilation album Simply the Best (1991).

Who plays the saxophone on simply the best by Tina Turner?

The saxophone solo on Turner’s version is played by Edgar Winter. Holly Knight told Songfacts: “‘Simply the Best’ is one of those rare gems that’s a positive song, and it’s not cheesy. But the hard part is to write something in a positive mode that really is sincere — that’s a tall order.”.