What does flex mode do in logic?

Logic Pro X features Flex Time, which helps you “elasticise” your audio, as Jono describes in the video. With the Flex Time feature, you can either lock grooves in to be perfectly in sync or you may want to add a bit of swing, which Flex Time will allow you to do, too.

What is the Flex tool in Logic Pro X?

The Flex tool gives you quick access to basic Flex Time editing functionality, without having to turn on Flex view. When you click a region with the Flex tool for the first time, a transient detection process is performed on the audio material and the most suitable flex algorithm is chosen.

How do you flex pitch in Logic Pro X?

Starting Flex Pitch in Logic Pro X

  1. Turn on Flex mode by clicking the Flex mode button in the main window.
  2. Turn on Flex mode on the tracks to be flexed.
  3. Choose Flex Pitch from the list of available algorithms.

What is flex time monophonic?

Monophonic. This setting is designed to be used on tracks that include pitched instruments which do not play more than one note at a time, as opposed to the unpitched percussive instruments that the Slicing mode is used for.

Is Flex Pitch good?

Flex Pitch comes free with Logic Pro and is great for editing monophonic material, even though it’s less clean than Melodyne.

How do I slow down audio in Logic?

2. Slow Down Audio in Logic Pro (Time Stretch)

  1. Hover your mouse cursor at the lower right part of the audio clip.
  2. Press and hold down the OPTION key (alt).
  3. The mouse cursor will change to the time-stretch icon.
  4. Now you can left-click and hold while you drag the clip to the right (slowing it down).

Why does flex Pitch change timing?

Audio should now be back to where you expect…. issue is – You have tempo information in the audio file. So when you flex it – logic is time stretching/compressing the audio to match the global project tempo based on audio file tempo.

Is logic pitch correction good?

Pitch Correction will work very well for many recordings, but even finer control over pitch can be achieved by using Antares Auto-Tune, which has a few extra features and also features a useful graphical mode (a mode that Pitch Correction lacks).

Is Logic Pro Tuner accurate?

It is very accurate. It’s almost dead on accurate with my Peterson tuner. Probably the “almost” is because I have a sweetened tuning as default in the Peterson. They’re both perfectly accurate, the Logic tuner is just very jumpy.

What is flex mode in Logic Pro?

The first time you choose a Flex Mode, Logic scans the audio files on the selected track and inserts Transient markers, which look like pale‑grey vertical lines. These markers are used as navigation points in an audio region and provide locations to quantise to. But Flex mode also makes use of another type of marker, called a Flex marker.

How effective is Flex Pitch in Logic Pro X?

One of the marquee features in Logic Pro X is Flex Pitch. David Earl (aka. SFLogicNinja) dives in to showcase just how effective the pitch manipulation is and how it works. Of all of the great new features included in Logic Pro X, Flex Pitch is a real game changer.

How do I use flex time in logic?

You open up Flex Time (Cmd – F), and turn on Flex for your track. Logic analyzes your audio and… Your audio region suddenly changes length in a big way: Even worse – your track is playing at a speed no where close to how it should actually sound! What the heck happened??? First off, don’t panic! Flex didn’t break your instrument.

What is monophonic flex mode?

Monophonic flex mode comes with a single parameter— percussive —that preserves the area around transient markers to protect the percussive part of the sound. If selected, allows better timing for all kinds of percussive monophonic tonal material, such as plucked strings (guitar, bass) or tonal percussion.