Is Patang Hotel Ahmedabad Open?

Patang Restaurant (Closed Down), Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – Pure Vegetarian, Punjabi, Multicuisine, Jain, Indian Cuisine Restaurant – Justdial.

Who is owner of Patang Hotel Ahmedabad?

Neelkanth Group

Patang Hotel
Established 1984
Owner(s) Neelkanth Group
Street address Nehru Bridge
City Ahmedabad

How many floors does Patang Hotel have?

Yes You Heard Right only in Ahmedabad, Patang Hotel is the Famous name for the Dine at the Height of 5 Floor Building like Tank which makes u Experience for Rotation 360 Degree while u Dine at the Top. U will Look Whole Ahmedabad with Dine & Cuisine which u take with your Loved… Been to Patang? Share your experience!

What does Patang mean in Gujarati?

The restaurant is named Patang, literally a fighter kite in Gujarati language. It was designed by an architect Hasmukh Patel. The restaurant and the adjoining Chinubhai Centre, a commercial complex, were built in 1980–1984 at a cost of approximately ₹1.25 crore (equivalent to ₹ 17 crore or US$2.2 million in 2020).

What is the history of Chinubhai centre and Patang Hotel?

Chinubhai Centre and Patang Hotel, Ahmedabad 1980 -1984 Chinubhai Centre, – a multifunctional commercial complex, located on a prominent corner plot at the junction of Ashram Road and Nehru Bridge, is designed by HCP for owner and builder Hasmukh Shah.

Why patang is the first revolving restaurant in India?

Patang restaurant, the first revolving restaurant of its kind in India, is the anchor of the development. The form of the structure celebrates the traditional “chabutara”, – where the birds are fed and given water. The project is a result of a close collaborative effort of of the architect and the structural engineers.

Which is the famous revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad?

Patang Hotel, officially Neelkanth Patang – The Revolving Restaurant is a revolving restaurant located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Built in 1980–1984, 221 feet (67 m) above the ground, it is considered as a landmark of Ahmedabad. The restaurant is named Patang, literally a fighter kite in Gujarati language.