Why can t rex walls keep a job?

Why can’t he keep a job? Does he want to? Rex claims he didn’t exactly get “fired.” Instead he arranged to have himself fired because he wanted to spend more time looking for gold.

How does Erma die?

Erma Wells dies that winter. Rose Mary believes that her alcoholism was responsible for her death and consequently defines her death as suicide.

What does Lori say after Erma’s death?

After the funeral, Lori says “Ding dong the witch is dead,” causing Dad to lose his temper and run away for four days. Erma’s house burns down that same winter because Uncle Stanley fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand.

What are some themes in the glass castle?

Themes in The Glass Castle

  • Theme #1. Fear of Fire.
  • Theme #2. The Glass Castle.
  • Theme #3. Self-sufficiency.
  • Theme #4. Nonconformity.
  • Theme #5. Love of Nature or Crude Life.
  • Theme #6. Turbulence or Order.
  • Theme #7. Perseverance.
  • Theme #8. Familial Relationships.

What was wrong with Jeannette Walls parents?

Walls’ father, Rex, was a charming, intelligent alcoholic who was also likely suffering from an undiagnosed bipolar disorder; her mother Mary Rose is a self-described “excitement addict” who often neglected her children to focus on her painting.

How does the dad die in the glass castle?

The Glass Castle She moves in with Mom and Dad after high school, unable to care for herself. A couple weeks later, Dad has a heart attack and dies in the hospital.

What does Glass Castle symbolize?

For much of Jeannette’s childhood, Dad’s promise to build the Glass Castle represents both the family’s hope and Jeannette’s hero worship of Dad, but, as Jeannette grows older, the castle comes to symbolize his broken promises.

What was Rose Mary’s reaction to the visit from the child welfare man?

What was Rose Mary’s reaction to the visit from the child-welfare man? She got a job. She cleaned the house.

Is Rex walls a good father?

This makes him alternately a fantastic dad, and an incredibly irresponsible one. Once the family settles in Welch, Dad seems to embrace irresponsibility and spends his days drinking and gambling. However, he continues to want to be self-sufficient, and never accepts charity from others—even his kids.

Why did Rex start drinking again?

What was caused him to start drinking again after that and why? For her birthday, Jeanette asks the dad to stop drinking, which made him realize that he is a failure to the family. They convinced him to come by telling him that “he’s the dad of the family” and making him feel wanted and useful.

What kind of degree did Rose Mary have?

teaching degree

How does Rose Mary feel about Rex’s alcoholism?

Rose Mary rarely does anything to stop Rex from drinking. When he spends all his money on alcohol and there isn’t enough money to feed the family, Rose Mary ignores the problem. She seems to not know how to handle the situation, as she has become dependent on Rex and doesn’t know how to stand up for herself.

What did Rose Mary say about addiction?

She’s often abused by her husband, yet she spins abuse as “excitement,” saying things like, “I’m such an excitement addict!” (2.20. 17). In a way, of course, she’s set herself up for this.

Who is the better parent in the glass castle?

Rex Walls

Why does Rose Mary ask Jeannette for a million dollars?

In the book “The Glass Castle” Rose Mary Walls asks Jeannette to loan her a million dollars to buy her brothers half of the family land in Texas. This was the first time Jeannette realized that her mothers half of the land could be worth so much.

Does Rex Walls die glass castle?

Answer and Explanation: Yes, Rex dies in The Glass Castle while squatting in New York City with his wife.

What is Rose Mary’s attitude toward cleaning What does this tell us about her?

What is Rose Mary’s attitude toward cleaning? What does this tell us about her? She did not want to clean the house. It was filthy she acted like it was beneath her to clean the house.

Why does Rose Mary compare her act of eating chocolate to Rex’s drinking?

Why does Rose Mary compare her act of eating chocolate to Rex’s drinking? Are they the same? She wants the kids to accept her mistake and think that drinking is not the only addiction you can have.

Did Jeannette Walls divorce her husband?

In 1988, Jeannette and Eric Goldberg were married. They had a big reception at the Harvard Club. In the grand apartment Jeannette shared with Goldberg, whom she ended up divorcing in 1996, she would find herself looking guiltily around the living room.

What does Rose Mary spend her inheritance on?

Grandma Smith owned two houses. When she passes away, Rose Mary inherited the house with the green shutters.

Who helps Rose Mary write and organize her lesson plans?

7.4. In Battle Mountain, Lori helped her mom with her “lesson plans”.

What happened to Lori walls?

Lori remains close to Rose Mary, Walls said, though she lives in Manhattan, where she works at a law firm to support herself as an artist.

What illness does Rex come down with?

Despite those ideals, he always comes up short due to his alcoholism, which drives him deeper into despair and further drinking.

What year did Rex Walls die?


Are Rex and Rosemary good parents?

Overall the Walls children parents ; Rex and Rosemary were great parents who did the absolute best to help their children become great human beings and not have any trouble in tacking their problems. On the other hand the Walls children had a better chance to put those lesson and skills they learned to the use.

What do Rose Mary and Rex fight about?

That night, Rex and Rose Mary get into a loud, dramatic fight, which brings the entire neighborhood out of their homes. Rex wants Rose Mary to ask her mother to invest money in the Prospector, while he can’t even feed his children. He also demands that she get a job if she doesn’t like their lifestyle.