Who sent her daughter to Tituba so that she could conjure the spirits of her seven dead children?

Putnam, who’s had seven babies die in infancy, admits she sent Ruth to Tituba, who can conjure the dead, to find out why the babies died.

What are the symptoms that Betty and Ruth demonstrate?

Both girls cannot hear, see, speak, or eat. The only difference between the girls’ symptoms is that Betty’s eyes remain closed and she lies inert in her bed while Ruth can open her eyes and walk around.

What does Parris say will happen if Tituba doesn’t confess?

Parris tells her that if she doesn’t confess, he will whip her to death. then Putnam immediately says that Tituba must be hanged.

Why does Abigail admit that Tituba and Ruth were conjuring spirits?

How does she treat her uncle? Abigail admits Tituba and Ruth were conjuring spirits so that she will appear as an innocent victim. Abigail is afraid that if the other girls confess, it’ll ruin her reputation, and she’ll be exposed as a liar.

Why is the issue of Parris salary raised?

Why is the issue of Parris’s salary raised? He wants more money, hes not honest and he is currupted.

What major themes or ideas does playwright Arthur Miller represent?

Mass hysteria is one of the most significant themes of the play, as Miller depicts the entire town of Salem engulfed by the superstition of witchcraft and devil-worship.

What literary techniques are used in the crucible?

Literary Devices in The Crucible

  • Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. This play doesn’t mess around much with itty-bitty bits of symbolism…
  • Setting. In 1692, Salem was populated by Puritans who saw the world in terms of good vs.
  • Narrator Point of View.
  • Genre.
  • Tone.
  • Writing Style.
  • What’s Up with the Title?
  • What’s Up with the Ending?

How is the theme of hysteria developed in the crucible?

The hysteria was being created due to a fear of the unknown, being witchcraft, and people were following it because of their religious beliefs and fear being created by those in charge. The judge in charge, Danforth, is the one putting people to death and when questioning Procter “’you ever see anyone with the Devil?

How do you interpret Mary’s visions and accusations?

I interpret Mary’s visions to be based on the combination of mass hysteria and pure fear of being accused of being a witch. Mary herself admits to the power of being in a hyper-emotional crowd that is freaking out.