Who is the best girl group of all time?

Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll: Vote Now!

  • TLC.
  • Destiny’s Child.
  • The Pointer Sisters.
  • The Bangles.
  • The Shirelles.
  • Wilson Phillips.
  • Exposé
  • Martha & The Vandellas.

Who is currently the biggest band in the world?

We’ve selected the most popular band from every year since 1960. This was determined by a variety of factors, including Billboard chart success, cultural impact, and Grammy nominations. The biggest band of 2020 is none other than K-pop sensations BTS, who just had their first No. 1 song in the US.

What was the first rock and roll song ever?

It’s Too Soon to Know

Who is the best band in the world?

The 10 best rock bands ever

  1. The Beatles. The Beatles are unquestionably the best and most important band in rock history, as well as the most compelling story.
  2. The Rolling Stones.
  3. U2.
  4. The Grateful Dead.
  5. Velvet Underground.
  6. Led Zeppelin.
  7. Ramones.
  8. Pink Floyd.

Who’s the youngest singer?

Atithi Gautam K. C.

Who is the prettiest female idol?

The most beautiful female idols voted by idols themselves

  • Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (Voted number 1 in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020)
  • T-ara’s Jiyeon (Voted number 1 in 2012)
  • Suzy (Voted number 1 in 2017)
  • Red Velvet’s Irene (Voted number 1 in 2018)
  • TWICE’s Tzuyu (Voted number 1 in 2019)

What is the longest playing song in history?

Answer: As of 2019, Guinness World Records states that the longest officially released song was “The Rise and Fall of Bossanova,” by PC III, which lasts 13 hours, 23 minutes, and 32 seconds. The longest recorded pop song is “Apparente Libertà,” by Giancarlo Ferrari, which is 76 minutes, 44 seconds long.

Who was the first band in the world?

The original Dixieland Jazz Band was the first ever music band which first recorded a song in 1916. Their “Livery Stable Blues” became the first jazz single ever issued. The group made the first recordings and claimed authorship for many jazz songs.

What is the longest performing rock band in history?

U2 named longest running band, by your magazine namesake. U2 have been named the longest running band on planet by the rock bible Rolling Stone. The Irish supergroup won the accolade of the longest active band in the world with no breaks or line-up changes.

Where did the term rock n roll originate from?

The term “rock ‘n’ roll” had been used since the early 1920s as a blues song lyric meaning sexual intercourse. Mintz tried to get airplay for R&B records, but the 6 radio stations in Cleveland played only music by white musicians.

Who is the oldest rockers still performing?

The oldest bands still touring today

  • The Rolling Stones – established 1962. Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones in 1963.
  • The Who – established 1964.
  • Aerosmith – established 1970.
  • U2 – established 1978.
  • The Beach Boys – established 1961.
  • ZZ Top – established 1969.
  • KISS – established 1973.
  • The Cure – established 1978.

Who is the biggest girl band in the world right now?


Where is the birthplace of rock and roll?

Cleveland, OH

What was Elvis Presley’s musical nickname?

Elvis Presley was the first rock ‘n’ roll superstar. His nickname was ‘The King’ because he was the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Who is the most famous rock star?

Top 8 Most Iconic Rock Stars of All Time

  • Jon Bon Jovi. The Bon Jovi band’s front man has scored himself spots in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Grammys, and roles in various movies and TV shows.
  • Elton John.
  • Elvis Presley.
  • Prince.
  • Bob Dylan.
  • Janis Joplin.
  • Jimi Hendrix.
  • Paul McCartney.

Who is the Queen of KPOP girl group?

1. Blackpink. This is one of the most popular girl bands of South Korea and it’s active from 2016 to present. Members of this group are Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

Who was the best rock band of all time?

But when we got to compiling the definitive guide of the best rock bands of all time, we wanted to go deep….As voted by you.

  • Marillion. (Image credit: Frans Schellekens / Getty Images)
  • Pearl Jam.
  • Rainbow.
  • Motley Crue.
  • Cream.
  • Journey.
  • Ramones.
  • ZZ Top.

Who is the real queen of Kpop?

Dubbed the “Queen of K-pop”, BoA is considered as one of this century’s top artists in East Asia; her popularity in the latter is attributed to her linguistic skills (she speaks and records in Japanese, Korean, and English) and a Japanese interest in Korean pop culture started in the early 2000s when the two countries …

Who is the No 1 boy band in the world?

To date, the Backstreet Boys remain the most popular boy band of all time in terms of sales. One Direction also broke numerous records during their six-year run, which ended in 2016 as Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne went solo (Zayn Malik had already left the group a year prior).