When can I sit the Gamsat?

If you’re in second year (and the penultimate year of a standard 3-year degree) you can sit the GAMSAT® Exam in March and then if you score highly enough, put off thinking about admissions for over a year and just focus on your degree. Then, in your third year, you can use that mark to apply and voilà!

How long does Gamsat last for?

two years

What books should I read for Gamsat?

GAMSAT Section 1 Books To Read

Book Author The Plot in 3 Words
Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes A madman’s adventure
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas Historical French adventure
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Rags to riches
Lord of the Flies William Golding Deserted island boys

Do you get a periodic table in Gamsat?

The GAMSAT has never given a periodic table in the past. As you suggested, they would normally give you the atomic number, or, in a different question, the atomic weight. Sometimes they will give information regarding more atoms than is required to solve the problem.

When should I sit the Gamsat?

When should I sit the GAMSAT Exam? We recommend that you should, at the latest, sit the GAMSAT ® exam during the year prior to the year of your medical school application. For example, if you are applying in 2022 for entry in 2023, then you should sit the exam in September 2021 at the latest.

What is a good Gamsat score 2019?

For the March 2019 GAMSAT ® Exam, this roughly equates to a GAMSAT ® score of 59. Even better would be to aim for the top 25% of applicants. A score of roughly 63 will put you in the 75 th percentile. A score of 73 will place you around the 98 th percentile.

How do I study for the Gamsat?

The most crucial aspect of studying effectively for the GAMSAT ® exam is planning – this is the key first step to help you start preparing for the GAMSAT ®. Planning study by month, by week, by day, and often by hour, is typically necessary to ensure that you’re well covered on all the sections of the GAMSAT ® exam.

What does the Gamsat test involve?

GAMSAT questions are based on material drawn from a variety of sources. They typically require candidates to read and think about a passage of writing, to interpret graphical displays of information, to use mathematical relationships and to apply reasoning skills to tables of data.

How much is Gamsat out of?

Each of the four GAMSAT scores will be expressed on a scale of 0 to 100. These are not percentage marks. Note: Overall scores are calculated by ACER to several decimal places and then rounded. Overall scores are calculated before the rounding of section scores.

Is Gamsat easy?

Applying for medical school is no doubt an arduous journey, and for most people, the greatest hurdle along the way is the dreaded GAMSAT exam. Those who have sat the 5 ½ hour test designed to select intellectually-capable students for the medical profession would probably all agree that, yes, the GAMSAT is difficult.

What should I bring to Gamsat?

When candidates report to the test centre, they must bring:

  1. printed GAMSAT Admission Ticket, and.
  2. acceptable current and photo-bearing identification document, and.
  3. pencils (medium soft No. 2 or HB recommended), pencil sharpener and eraser.

How do I prepare for Gamsat section 2?

Your preparation for GAMSAT ® Section 2 can be seen as having several key steps: Begin writing GAMSAT ® essays regularly – whether this be once a day or once a week, the key is to get into the habit of doing this. Remember, the earlier the better. Generate an essay writing process and get into a rhythm.

How many times can you take the Gamsat?

The GAMSAT test is offered twice a year, in March and September. To sit GAMSAT a candidate must be a bona fide prospective applicant to a course for which GAMSAT is a prerequisite. There is no limit to the number of times a bona fide candidate may sit GAMSAT.