What made Augustus a good emperor?

Returning to Rome, Augustus was acclaimed a hero. With skill, efficiency, and cleverness, he secured his position as the first Emperor of Rome. Augustus claimed he acted for the glory of the Roman Republic, not for personal power. He appealed to Roman citizens by claiming that he led a frugal and modest life.

Is Mauryan and Gupta same?

Difference in time: Mauryan empire existed during 325 – 1285 BCE whereas Gupta dynasty existed between 320 and 550 CE. Chandragupta, the founder of the empire was a follower of Jainism. Most of his successors embraced Buddhism, and Ashoka is historically famous for his unquestioned faith in Buddhism.

Who is powerful king in world?

Genghis Khan

Who was the first Hindu king?

Chandra Gupta I, king of India (reigned 320 to c. 330 ce) and founder of the Gupta empire. He was the grandson of Sri Gupta, the first known ruler of the Gupta line.

How did Augustus use art?

jdesrosier: Augustus used both art and architecture to smooth the transition between the Republic and the Empire. His presence was felt all over Rome, from his building projects to his portraits to his monuments. One key monument was the Ara Pacis Augustae.

How did Augustus create a foundation for the Roman Empire?

How did Augustus lay the foundation for stable government in the Roman empire? He created an efficient, well-trained civil service to enforce the laws. In addition, he cemented the allegiance of cities and provinces to Rome by allowing them a large measure of self-government.

What is higher than a king?

Emperor is higher in rank and honor than the King.

What buildings did Augustus build?

In his first year alone, he rebuilt or repaired 82 temples, including, in Rome, the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill, the Temple of Apollo on the Palatine Hill, next to his personal residence, and the Temple of Mars Ultor located in the new Forum of Augustus.

Who is the greatest Roman emperor?

Trajan – Trajan

Who is current CAG?

Shri Girish Chandra Murmu