What is the effect of using complex sentences?

Using complex sentences can make it easier to add layers of information and detail when writing. Complex sentences have at least one subordinate clause that adds more detail and information to the sentence.

Why do authors create tension in a story?

To move the reader toward the climax of the story This is the correct naswer. Authors create tension to engage the readers. Tension is what makes a story worth reading since it will touch or move the reader’s feelings. The reader’s rational side will be set aside by his/ her emotions.

What are the 3 parts of a compound sentence?

A compound sentence is a sentence formed from two or more simple sentences, or independent clauses (IC):…There are three ways of joining independent clauses into a compound sentence:

  • with a coordinating conjunction (one of the fanboys);
  • with a semicolon; or.
  • with a semicolon and a transitional expression.

How do writers create tension ks3?

By gradually adding to the atmosphere you are creating, you increase tension; making the setting scary and the action scenes exciting. Think about putting in details such as background noises, flickering lights and shadows, and tricky terrain, such as muddy or uneven ground during a chase.

What causes tension in literature?

In order for conflict to create tension in your reader, the reader has to care about your character. For that to happen, the reader has to relate to your character’s struggle.

How do writers use language and structure to tension?

Let’s take a look at eight different ways to incorporate tension into your writing and get readers flipping those pages.

  1. Get readers attached to your characters.
  2. Heighten the stakes.
  3. Create character conflict.
  4. Master the art of pacing.
  5. Time your tension effectively.
  6. Introduce exponential tension.
  7. Consider using cliffhangers.