What is the best specialization in dentistry?

List of best dental specializations in India

  • 1 Public Health Dentistry.
  • 2 Oral Pathology and Microbiology.
  • 3 Oral Medicine and Radiology.
  • 4 Periodontology.
  • 5 Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.
  • 6 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • 7 Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.
  • 8 Prosthodontics.

What is the salary of BDS doctor in government hospital?

The average course salary of a graduate of Bachelor of Dental Science [BDS] course is INR 3.05 lakhs per annum.

Which is better BDS or engineering?

Engineering. Getting into a bds govt college much tougher than an engg college. After engg course you get job way more easily than after bds. As per my knowledge compared to BDS, Engineering is better in terms of career opportunities, salary, job satisfaction and many other advantages.

Can I get BDS with 200 marks in NEET?

With a score of 200, you are obviously qualified but you shall not get a seat in government colleges. There Used to be separate exam for bams bhms bums seats but now Neet ug is the entrance exam conducted for admissions to mbbs and BDS/BAMS/BHMS seats in various medical college of india.

Which is better BDS or B Sc Agriculture?

If you are really interested in BDS then go for it. And also a BSC in agriculture is a good course with a vast scope in various fields of agriculture, banking ,etc. And if you get a good college then you have job opportunities through campus slection. Bsc Agriculture is much better than BDS….

Who earns more BDS or BAMS?

I would suggest you for BDS as it has more scope as compared to BAMS. After dentistry you can get a salary of 15000 – 25000 initially and after some expirience you can get handsome salary of 4 – 6 lakhs. It has 100% job placement comparing to BAMS.

How can I settle abroad after BDS?

10+ Ultimate Killer Options After BDS You have Never Thought

  1. Best Career Options After BDS.
  2. 1) The Traditional Option: Go for MDS After Your graduation.
  3. 2) Join in any Dental College as a Lecturer or Teaching Staff:
  4. 3) Government Job as a Dentist: You Should have some great luck:
  5. 4) Go Abroad and Work as a Dentist: US, UK, Canada Etc.
  6. 5) Mission Gulf Countries:

Does BDS have scope in abroad?

there is good scope for b.d.s. In foreign countries.to go abroad you have to give g.r.e. Exam and after clearing it only you are eligible to go there after that you have to do 2 years compulsory dental programme there after which you are eligible to study further and even work there.

Can I get admission in BDS with 400 marks in NEET?

No. Chances are less to get BDS seat n 400 marks under central counselling. Under 15% All India Quota, You need to score more than 480 marks in NEET to get BDS seat. But you can get BDS seat in private colleges in 400 or more marks.

Which is better BDS or BAMS?

BDS has good scope after this as a Dental Surgeon you will have good option. The scope of BAMS is wide & the demand is increasing day by day, In this you will get to study modern medicine and now after BAMS you have the permission of Surgeory after MD.

Is BDS easier than MBBS?

MBBS and BDS are equally difficult and equally easy. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Whereas after BDS you become a dentist , and a super specialist after MDS. If you don’t want to go for higher studies after MBBS then you should choose BDS.

Which country is best for MDS?


Is BDS good or bad?

BDS is a course which will put a limit or a boundary on your career. You could either be a Dentist or nothing. But this does not mean a bad thing. We are in fact, falling short on Dentists in our cities and doing a BDS is certainly a good thing.

Is BDS a good career option?

BDS Career Scope There are ample opportunities for students who successfully complete 5 years of BDS programme. Many of the good medical colleges offer placement opportunities for students in private and government hospitals after the completion of graduation. There are better job opportunities after completion of MDS.

How do you write a statement of purpose for mph?

How to Write a Great Personal Statement for the Global MPH

  1. Past: your background in public health. Start by introducing yourself.
  2. Present: why you are applying to the Imperial College MPH. After you’ve introduced yourself, explain your motivation for your application.
  3. Future: goals for your research at Imperial and your career beyond graduation.