What is the act of governing?

exercising influence or control. noun. the act of governing; exercising authority. “regulations for the governing of state prisons” synonyms: administration, governance, government, government activity.

What is the word for mind control?

What is another word for mind-control?

brainwashing inculcation
indoctrination propagandization

How do you say bye in Nigeria?


  1. Hausa: Sai watarana.
  2. Igbo: Ka omesia.
  3. Yoruba: Oh dah-boh.
  4. English: Goodbye.

What does Razz mean in Nigeria?

untidy, rough, dirty and bad looking

What is the meaning of governing?

transitive verb. 1a : to exercise continuous sovereign authority over especially : to control and direct the making and administration of policy in The country was governed by a king. b : to rule without sovereign power and usually without having the authority to determine basic policy. 2a archaic : manipulate.

What does the root word govern mean?

late 13c., “to rule with authority,” from Old French governer “steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct” (11c., Modern French gouverner), from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (source also of Spanish gobernar, Italian governare), originally “to steer, to pilot,” a nautical borrowing from …

What does ment mean in Nigeria?


What is I love you in Urhobo?

“Me vwe eguono kpa ho we”: This is “I love you” in Urhobo, the mother tongue of the Urhobo people including our beloved thespian Richard Mofe-Damijo, Rev.

How do u say hello in Nigerian?

Ẹ n lẹ means hello in this part of Nigeria.

What does Sabi mean in Nigeria?

to know

What does Wahala mean in Nigeria?

“Wahala” on its own means ‘”trouble”, similar to the way the word bacchanal is used in the Caribbean. It can also refer to stress.

What does Na you sabi mean?

I don’t care what you think

What Wahala means?

Wahala pronounced (wa-ha-la) is the meaning of (Trouble) or (problem) used by the Yoruba tribe and commonly used throughout Nigeria. Etymology : A word common in the Yoruba Language of Nigeria.

What are ment functions?

According to the dictionary, -ment can refer to an action, a place, or a state resulting from an action. This definition is useful to know because -ment functions as a out of these suffix. verb.

How do you say hi in Igbo?

Greetings and Manners Igbo Vocabulary Words

  1. Hello – Ndewo (Note: Some don’t agree with the direct translation of ndewo as “hello”. They believe it doesn’t have a direct translation in English.)
  2. Welcome – Nnọọ
  3. How are you? – Kedu? /
  4. I am fine. – Adị m mma.
  5. It is fine./He is fine./ She is fine. – Ọ dị mma.
  6. I am not fine. – A dịghị m mma.
  7. Please – biko.
  8. Wait – chere.

What does ment mean?

result, condition, process

How do you say love in Nigerian?

Love means ifunanya or ihunanya. There are as Other “sweet names” that basically conveys your love to your SO; words like akwa m’ : my egg..

What does Abi mean in Nigerian?

“Abi” or “shebi” is a yoruba word that could mean “that’s it”, “yes”, “I agree with u”, “am with u”, “are u with me” etc. Its sha positive.

What does Odabo mean in Yoruba?

odabo: YORUBA > ENGLISH. odabo exc goodbye odabo nom bye odabo goodbye odabo bye.

What does government control mean?

political rule and administration

What does Omo mean in Nigerian?

Literally translated and taken separately, omo means ‘child’, ti means ‘that or which’, Olu-iwa is a name of God in Yoruba, meaning the chief or master of Iwa (character), bi means ‘born’. When combined, Omoluabi translates as “the child begotten by the chief of iwa (or “child begotton by God”).

How do you reply to Dey?

“How you dey?” comes the question, or “How body?” (both meaning “how are you?”) “I dey fine” is the correct response, or, if you’re in a less upbeat mood, “body dey inside cloth”, meaning “I’m coping/making do with the situation,” or literally “I’m still wearing clothes.”

Is ment a real word?

“Ment” is not a word, while “meant” is. This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix MENT meaning ACT Of, STATE OF & RESULT OF AN ACTION. MENT makes nouns out of verbs when added to them. If you look down the list, you will see that nearly every word without the Suffix MENT is a verb.

Does government mean mind control?

The word Government actually means mind control. It is etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It Splits into two words:1) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind”.