What is debate in MUN?

An O-MUN debate proceduraly models a THIMUN-style debate. Delegates should test their speakers and mic prior to the beginning of debate. Resolution: The resolution will be introduced and debate will commence. The main submitter will be given the floor to read out the operative clauses only and introduce the resolution.

Does Mun look good for college?

Model UN offers you skills you wouldn’t otherwise gain in a high school setting and gives a great opportunity to display these skills when applying to colleges. Students that participate in Model UN become global students with the leadership and communication skills that colleges are looking for.

What is moderated caucus in MUN?

Moderated Caucus: A debate format that allows delegates to make short comments on a specific sub-issue. Typically, delegates who are interested in speaking will raise up their placards and the Chairs will call on delegates to speak one at a time. This is usually when delegates find allies and work on draft resolutions.

What is Mun and how does it work?

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Once a team has registered for a conference, it receives a country to represent.

How do I participate in MUN?

To prepare for a conference, students thoroughly research the topics assigned to their committee, as well as the geography, culture, politics and history of the country they are representing. They then develop positions on each issue, taking into consideration the particular needs and goals of their country.

What do you mean by Mun?

Model United Nations

How do you speak in a moderated caucus?

Speaking During Moderated Caucuses

  1. 1.) Never use “I” when you represent a nation!
  2. 2.) Be concise, unless you have a point to make…
  3. 3.) Make use of time yielding.
  4. 4.) Know your audience.
  5. 5.) Use figurative language!
  6. Questions, Comments, Concerns? As always, the Lead Delegate is on standby to read MUN questions in the comments section.

How do I ask POI in MUN?

When stating a P.O.I. , the delegate to whom the point is directed to must be addressed with respect. An example: “Most honourable delegate of Japan …”. Make sure you make the best out of each question, as you only get a few. Be as specific as possible when you ask a question.

How do you win Mun?

Introduce yourself to other delegates. You don’t have to talk about Model UN just yet with other delegates. Make small talk — find out their names, where they’re from, and see if you share similar interests. Talk about the location the conference is at.

How do I protect myself in MUN?

Use the facts in your case. Research more facts. Use facts as strategic weapons (your strengths and others weaknesses). Just keep in mind: your opponent may also be prepared with facts on the same case.

How do you debate in MUN?

How to Debate Model UN Resolutions

  1. State whether you are in favor or against the resolution.
  2. In 1 sentence or 1 word, explain why you do or do not favor the resolution.
  3. Pick 3 operative clauses to support your argument.
  4. Encourage the committee to vote in favor or against the resolution.

What is a country policy in MUN?

Your Country Policy is what your country thinks should be done, or not done, about the issue, and how this topic impacts your country.