What is Boston College motto?

Ever to Excel

Are there fraternities at Boston College?

BC does not have any frats or sororities so it may be difficult for freshman to find the typical hhuge anonymous “college party” so many often drink in their dorm rooms and in doing so bond with the kids in their dorm.

Does Boston College have a party?

There are parties and a pretty good bar scene almost every night of the week, usually thursday to saturday though. There is no Greek Life. Since you are in Boston, there are a ton of non-alcohol related events for you to do, including concerts.

Is Boston College good for pre med?

Boston College is definitely a great school for pre-med. You’re in Boston which is often called the “Healthcare Mecca” with 2 of the best hospitals in the United States (BW and MGH), and there’s also a lot of opportunity to work with underserved communities being close to a city.

Is NYU good for pre-med?

NYU pre-med classes are very hard (well they are hard in almost all schools), combining with high cost, it is just not a smart choice at all. On east coast, NYU and BU probably top the worst choice for pre-med since you’re paying high private school tuition and getting worse grades.

Does Boston College have a physical therapy program?

About the Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training Welcome to Boston University’s Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training. BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College has degree programs for students at all levels who are pursuing a wide range of professional goals.

How can I get into Boston College?

All applicants must submit:

  1. The Common Application.
  2. $80 Application Fee or Fee Waiver Form.
  3. Boston College Writing Supplement.
  4. Official SAT or ACT Score Reports.
  5. High School Transcript.
  6. The School Report and Counselor Recommendation Form.
  7. 2 Teacher Evaluations.