What is an independent risk factor?

Independent risk factor A risk factor that retains its statistical association with the outcome when other established risk factors for the outcome are included in a statistical model. (Also referred to as an independent predictor.)

What causes CVD?

Damage to the circulatory system can also result from diabetes and other health conditions, such as a virus, an inflammatory process such as myocarditis, or a structural problem present from birth (congenital heart disease). CVD often results from high blood pressure, which produces no symptoms.

What are the 11 coronary risk factors?

The risk factors that can be controlled (modifiable) are: High BP; high blood cholesterol levels; smoking; diabetes; overweight or obesity; lack of physical activity; unhealthy diet and stress.

What is a ghost heart attack?

Silent heart attacks are dangerous Heart attacks — both silent or traditional — occur when insufficient blood flows to the heart. And, a silent heart attack is just as dangerous as a traditional one. It increases your likelihood of another heart attack, as well as the potential for heart failure.

How is CVD risk calculated?

While a general estimate of the relative risk for CVD can be approximated by counting the number of traditional risk factors (ie, hypertension, diabetes, cigarette smoking, premature family history of CVD, chronic kidney disease, obesity) present in a patient, a more precise estimation of the absolute risk for a first …

What is a risk equivalent?

What does CAD risk equivalent mean? According to the above panel, ATP III, “CAD risk equivalent” is the risk of developing a major coronary event (MI + coronary death) over 10 years >20%. The 10-year risk estimate is not the only rationale for recommending that diabetes is a CAD risk equivalent.

What is a controllable risk factor for disease?

Controllable risk factors are those which you can take steps to change or influence. Diet. Smoking. Excessive alcohol consumption. Inactivity.

What is CVD risk assessment?

Absolute CVD risk assessment is an integrated approach that estimates the cumulative risk of multiple risk factors to predict a heart attack or stroke event in the next five years. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the single leading cause of death in Australia.

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