What is a general transfer credit?

In a nutshell, Transfer Credit is the acceptance of prior learning represented in course units or credits applied and articulated (denoted) on a student’s academic transcript. Transfer courses are generally not counted into the GPA of the attending institution.

Is Lehman a good college?

Lehman College is truly a wonderful institution of higher education. Professors go above and beyond to ensure academic success. Students are welcoming, and the library is a remarkable place with books for all types of majors.

Are there dorms at Hunter College?

The College has four (4) residence halls. 1) The Brookdale Campus is located at the Brookdale Health Sciences Campus, 425 East 25th Street, between First Avenue and the FDR Drive. 2) The 92nd Street Residence is located at 1395 Lexington Avenue, just 3 blocks from Central Park and the Museum Mile.

Is Lehman College in a safe neighborhood?

As others have mentioned, it’s a pretty safe and quiet area, especially on the northern side. You can checkout the police department statistics yourself and you’ll rarely see any major incidents around the campus.

How do I check my transfer credit on CUNYfirst?

Logging into CUNYfirst and navigate to your Student Center. Click the drop down menu in the center of your screen and choose ‘Evaluate My Transfer Credit’. Follow the prompts to complete an unofficial evaluation of your credits.

How many transfer credits does Baruch accept?

70 credits

Does Lehman College have dorms?

While dorm space at Lehman College is very limited, there are a number of housing options to consider when choosing to study in New York City. The housing options listed are provided only as possible resources. Lehman College does not endorse or recommend any particular housing choice.

What GPA do you need to get into Lehman College?


Where do Baruch students live?

Most Baruch students live at home and commute to the College, while others rent accommodation somewhere in the New York metropolitan area on the private housing market.

Does CUNY City College have dorms?

On-Campus Housing – The Towers The Towers is City College’s modern on-site student residence conveniently located just a short walk from classrooms, laboratories, and all student activities. Choose from several different room layouts and enjoy a safe, comfortable work, study, and living environment.

What is Lehman known for?

The most popular majors at CUNY–Lehman College include: Health Professions and Related Programs; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; and Education.

Which CUNY colleges have student housing?