What does every tinkle do?

Every tinkle of raindrops that fall on the tin roof produces an echo in the poet’s heart. The sweet memory of his childhood evaporates in his mind. With such feeling and imagination, he hears the patter of the rain on the roof.

Why is the poet rebuking the wind?

The wind asks the poet to come softly so as to prevent it from breaking the shutter of the windows of his house. The scattering of the papers caused by the strong winds, disturb him. He asks the winds to come softly so that it does not throw away the books down from the shelf.

What is work worship?

1) Work is worship is the proverb which motivates people to work regularly and effortlessly towards achieving their goals in life. 2) Work which is done with a happy, creative and cheerful attitude results in positive outcome.

Why do humans keep awake in the dark and wake for the sin?

Human beings have become mad running after material possessions. They are a bundle of complications, contradictions and confusions. Their conscience is not clear and so they suffer from nightmares and weep for their sins. Animals, on the other hand, are calm, self-contained and contented.

What does the poet do after lying?

According to the poem, when the poet when he lies on his couch in a blank or thoughtful mood, the beautiful memory of the golden daffodils flashes in his mind. This memory brings him immense happiness and fills his heart with aesthetic pleasure.

Why is the darkness called melancholy?

Answer: The humid shadows are the dark clouds. They hide the stars and rain. The poet calls darkness melancholy because it makes him sad.

Who is the poet of the poem work is worship?

Rabindranath Tagore

Why is mist called melancholy?

Why is mist called Melancholy? Answer: Melancholy means very sad. And it is called so because as the mist comes climbing up the hills birds fall silent, forest becomes deathly still and it shows the unhappy environment.

Do you admire animals Why?

Answer. Yes, i can admire animals because he/she give is very important for us if he/she does not give us milk how can we strong and healthy.. Etc.

What can Earth teach us?

Answer: Earth can teach a lesson to mankind on the preservation and resurrection of life and how new life is believed to rise from the ashes of the dead remains. The Earth never attains total inactivity. Nature remains at work under apparent stillness and keeps the Earth alive.

What does the poet want to unlearn?

What does he desire to unlearn and relearn? The poet desires to learn how to say goodbye in a nice way. He desires to unlearn all the bad habits he has picked up over the years.

Where does the poet hear the rain patter?

The poet is lying in his cottage-chamber bed. He watches the humid shadows hovering the starry sky. He feels the melancholy darkness gently weeping in the form of rain drops. Pressing his pillow, he is listening to the patter of the soft raindrops falling on the roof of the cottage.

Do humans kneel to other humans?

Yes, humans kneel to other humans who lived thousands of years ago. They worship their ancestors and pray by kneeling in front of their portraits. They hold religious sermons and ceremonies in their memory.

What is the melancholy in the poem?

In the poem the poet calls darkness as melancholy as it makes him sad. Owing to the falling raindrops on its tin roof, the poem tells the poet’s observations and the impact on his mind. The poet uses this beautiful diversion to link his past-to-present experiences.

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem work is worship?

Answer: The poet wants us to leave chanting and singing and telling of beads because we can’t find god by doing this.

Who is the poet talking about?

The poet is talking to her mother.

What bliss does the poet talk about?

What is a ‘bliss’ for a poet in the poem? Answer: The poet loves rain because it carries him in old memories. He thinks it is bliss to hear the sound of the rain on the roof.

What does the poet want us to live and why?

Poet wants to turn into animals and live with them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They are more loving and caring than humans. Humans have chosen to ignore these basic aspects of humanity and have instead become selfish and self-centered.

What does the poet turn into?

Answer: Poet wants to turn into animals and livewith them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They aremore loving and caring than humans.

What are the tokens of myself?

(a) ‘They’ here are the animals. (b) These ‘tokens of myself’ are the love and affection of the animals towards the poet. (c) The main point here is the difference between humans and animals. (d) The poet wonders how the animals got those tokens of love and affection.

Why does the poet want to live with animal?

Poet wants to turn into animals and live with them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They are more loving and caring than humans. It is because animals are calm.

What do humans do at night?

Many biological processes happen during sleep: The brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic waste. Nerve cells communicate and reorganize, which supports healthy brain function. The body repairs cells, restores energy, and releases molecules like hormones and proteins.