What did the French girl say to Elie?

After she seemingly ponders her next steps, she speaks to him in perfect German: “Bite your lips, little brother . . . Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later.

How did Elie lose his gold tooth?

Elie’s gold crown is dramatically removed by a dentist from Warsaw who uses a rusty spoon to pull it out in a lavatory. This is done to satisfy Franek, a foreman who works at the electrical warehouse and who harasses Elie’s father as a means of bullying Elie into giving up the tooth.

What did the dentist want with Elie?

The dentist wanted to take out Elie’s gold tooth. Twice Elie said he was ill, and the dentist did not take the tooth. Then the dentist was arrested and his office was closed.

What does Beadle mean?

: a minor parish official whose duties include ushering and preserving order at services and sometimes civil functions.

How did Moishe the Beadle die?

The Nazis ordered the Jews to stand on the edge of the pits, whereupon they were shot dead. No one was spared; even small children and babies were brutally murdered by the Germans. Moshe himself was shot, but he managed to survive by playing dead.

How did the French girl hide her identity?

How did the French girl hide her identity? Her parents forged papers saying she was an Aryan.

What happens after Elie is beaten by IDEK?

As Idek ferociously beats him, Elie bites his lips so that no sound of pain will come from his mouth. Idek, getting no response, seems displeased—as if Elie is being defiant because he does not cry out. And so Idek continues to pound on Elie harder and harder.

What happened to the French girl in night?

Many years later, Eliezer sees the French girl (now a woman) on a train in Paris. She remembers him too, and he discovers that she is indeed from a religious Jewish family but she managed to hide her identity to keep herself alive. Back in Buna in 1944, Idek goes crazy again and beats Eliezer’s dad this time.

Why did Elie give up his shoes?

In the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, Elie, a young Jewish boy, is sent to work in a concentration camp called Auschwitz. Elie did not ever trade his shoes, because he liked them. These shoes were something that belonged to Elie and reminded him of his home.

Who is Franek in night?

Franek. The Polish foreman of the musician’s block at Buna. He gets Eliezer’s father to work in the same block as Eliezer, but he later forces Eliezer to give him his gold crown by repeatedly beating his father..

What is the external conflict in the book night?

Another external conflict that Eliezer faces is the harsh weather and lack of sustenance. Eliezer has to brave the cold winter and survive on watered-down soup. His clothes and shoes barely cover his emaciated body as he is forced to run to another camp in the middle of a winter storm.

What was the dentist looking for in night?

The dentist was looking for prisoners with gold teeth. The teeth were pulled; the gold was removed from the teeth and stockpiled by the Nazis.

What did the French girl do that surprised Elie?

The French girl surprised Elie by speaking German to him after he was beaten. She was actually a Jew, her family just had her documents changed to say she was French. Why was Elie angry with his father when Idek beat him? Elie had witnessed Idek getting intimate with a Polish girl.

How does the French girl comfort elite?

How did the French girl comfort Elie and what was her secret? She gave him bread and told him not to cry. Her secret was that she was jewish and she was just fluent in german.

What is a Beadle in night?

In Judaism, the term beadle or sexton (in Hebrew: שמש‎, romanized: shammash) is sometimes used for the gabbai, the caretaker or “man of all work”, in a synagogue. Moishe the Beadle, the caretaker of a synagogue in Sighet in the 1940s, is an important character in Night by Elie Wiesel.

Why did the French girl PP 52 53 have such an effect on Elie?

The young French girl is a French Jew that passed as an Aryan. She helped Elie when the SS officer beat him by giving him bread. This is significant because after the hanging of a young man, all Elie cared about was how the food tasted.