What are the 5 unique properties of water?

The five main properties that will be discussed in this article are its attraction to polar molecules, its high specific heat, the high heat of vaporization, the lower density of ice, and its high polarity.

What are five source of water?

(a) The sources of water are – Lakes, Rains, Ponds, Wells and Glaciers.

How can we save water matter?


  1. Take shorter showers to reduce water consumption.
  2. Check your water bill to see how much water you are using.
  3. Use mug instead of running the tap while brushing teeth or shaving.
  4. Use a toilet flush which consumes less water.

How can we save water matter in English?

Recycling of water includes reusing wastewater whenever possible. For example, the water that is used during bathing can be used for washing, cleaning, and gardening purposes. Other methods of conservation of water, reducing pollution of water, and fair use of water should be taken care of.

How can we keep our water clean at home?

Easy and Effective Ways to Purify Water

  1. Boiling. The simplest method to purify water is to boil it for a good amount of time.
  2. Water Purifier. Alt Attribute: A. O. Smith X4+ Water Purifier.
  3. Reverse Osmosis.
  4. Water Chlorination.
  5. Distillation.
  6. Iodine Addition.
  7. Solar Purification.
  8. Clay Vessel Filtration.

Why is it important to save water for the future?

Conserving water is important because it keeps water pure and clean while protecting the environment. Conserving water means using our water supply wisely and be responsible. Keeping our water supply safe and pure will protect the water for the generations to come.

How can we keep water clean and safe?


  1. Take unused pharmaceuticals to a disposal center.
  2. Don’t dump anything down storm drains.
  3. Use environmentally safe cleaning products.
  4. Clean up after your pets.
  5. Choose your lawn fertilizer wisely.
  6. Take used compact fluorescent light bulbs and mercury thermostats and thermometers to a hazardous waste facility.

Why should we protect water?

It helps to preserve our environment. Reducing our water usages reduces the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, and communities, which, in turn, helps to reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources.