What archetype is Iron Man?

Tony Stark created the first suit out of scraps of metal in a cave and the fact that the character’s a genius or whatever is irrelevant. He’s not a real person; he’s a mythical archetype.

What are the characteristics of a hero?

12 Characteristics of Heroism

  • Bravery.
  • Conviction.
  • Courage.
  • Determination.
  • Helpful.
  • Honesty.
  • Inspirational.
  • Moral integrity.

Can you be more than one archetype?

Archetypes denote certain general roles or functions for characters within the system of the story. There is ample room for variation within each role or function. Boundaries between one archetype and another may be fuzzy. And it is possible for one character to stand for more than one archetype.

What are the four most important traits of the hero as an archetype?


  • Unusual circumstances of birth; sometimes in danger or born into royalty.
  • Leaves family or land and lives with others.
  • An event, sometimes traumatic, leads to adventure or quest.
  • Hero has a special weapon only he can wield.
  • Hero always has supernatural help.

How are brand archetypes used?

Using Archetypes to Define Your Brand

  1. Understand the Power and Potential of Your Brand. Know what you are offering your customers in ways that go beyond the rational and logical.
  2. Get to Know Your Customers.
  3. Build on the Emotional Connection.
  4. Use Symbolism for a Stronger Connection.
  5. Review and Apply the Right Archetype.

What is the innocent archetype?

The Innocent is an optimist who can only see the good in people (and in life in general). They enjoy the simple things, are pure at heart, free of corruption, and seek harmony in the world. Archetypes are near universal patterns that resonate with us. They represent patterns of human behavior.

What are the characteristics of an archetype?

An archetype is an emotion, character type, or event that is notably recurrent across the human experience. In the arts, an archetype creates an immediate sense of familiarity, allowing an audience member to relate to an event or character without having to necessarily ponder why they relate.

What is the caregiver archetype?

The Caregiver archetype is the archetype that is fulfilled by taking care of others. Caregivers are moved by compassion and a desire to help others. It is also known as the saint, helper, and parent. Personality archetypes represent the nature of our personality.