How do you hide notes on a test?

Tape a piece of paper with your note on it inside a baggy hoodie. Pull off your hoodie during the test, and as you do so look at the note taped on the inside. Put it back on later to hide your answers again.

How do you know if ProctorU flagged?

After completing an exam form, the instructor receives an email notification that the exam has been sent for review. ProctorU’s assessment services team reviews the exam information and enters it into the system. The instructor is notified via email when the exam has been activated.

Does ProctorU refund money?

ProctorU can only refund money that was paid to ProctorU. If you purchased your exam through your institution or testing platform please reach out to the appropriate party regarding your refund.

Can you eat during Proctorio?

Can I eat during my Proctorio exam? Yes, you may eat food if necessary.

How does an online proctored exam work?

Remote proctoring enables students to write an exam in a remote location while maintaining the exam’s integrity. A proctoring software confirms a student’s identity and monitors him/her through a webcam. The video recorded during a remote proctored exam helps to flag any suspicious activity or behavior.

Does ProctorU save recordings?

Proctorio has no file access of any kind. Proctorio cannot and will not access any of your personal files or documents. During an exam Proctorio may take screenshots of your desktop, detect the number of computer monitors connected to your computer, or record your web traffic.

Can you cheat ProctorU?

If the camera and microphone is on, then there is no way that you can cheat. If they are not on, then you may be able to. However, refrain from cheating by using the same desktop/laptop and opening another Google tab to search for answers.

How do I hide cheat sheets in exam?

Use invisible ink.

  1. Write your cheat sheet down in invisible ink. Bring it to class the day of the exam.
  2. When the exam begins, subtly shine your flashlight on the piece of paper when you’re stumped. It’s a good idea to sit in back, to minimize the risk of getting caught.