How do I change the size of a picture to medium?

In the Medium editor, click on any image to bring up the menu that allows you to change its size and position.

How do I customize my medium page?

At the top of the page you should see three options: Info, Homepage Layout, and Homepage Navigation. Start customizing your publication by clicking on “Homepage layout.” Now you can customize the look of your publication’s homepage.

What is a medium profile?

Profile Picture — Medium allows you to upload a single profile picture. It can be a picture of anything, but most writers typically use a photo of themselves. Social Media Links — You can link your Twitter account to your Medium profile. This can be another great way to drive traffic to an external source.

How do you feature a story on medium?

How To Feature An Article

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Scroll down your profile page until you find the article you want to feature (if you have written a lot of articles this may take a minute or two)
  3. Click the arrow down button underneath the post you want to feature.
  4. Click the feature at the top of your profile button.

How can I add a picture to a post?

Use this method if you’ve already posted something on your own Facebook timeline and want to add a photo to the post.

  1. Find the post you want to edit.
  2. Tap or click the arrow at the top right corner of the post.
  3. Select Edit Post.
  4. Tap or click Photo/Video.
  5. Select a photo.
  6. Tap or click Post.

Should you use your real name on medium?

You can either use your real name or a pen name, it’s up to you. You do need to give your real name to Medium services if you want to submit stories through the Partner Program, but you can choose a different name to appear on your public profile.

How do I resize an image in medium?

How to resize images

  1. Use
  2. Choose a new size using dimensions, not percentages.
  3. Enter 1060px in width, and nothing in height. Everything else is automatic.
  4. Click on “resize” and download your image.

Can you edit medium posts after publishing?

You can edit your draft or published post at any time. If you’re editing a draft, changes made on your post will be automatically saved. Once you save your changes on your published story, they will become immediately visible to your readers.

Do you have to pay to read medium?

Medium, the blog platform/publisher that once wanted to revolutionize online media, has put its content behind a $5/month paywall. After a couple of free articles per month, you can’t read anything else without paying up. Since February, Medium articles have been free when you visit them from Twitter.

How do you create a medium profile?

Well, let’s begin!

  1. Sign Up to Create a Medium Account. First things first, go to Medium.
  2. Create your profile. On the top right corner of the homepage, click your profile image -> Profile to go to your profile.
  3. Connect your social accounts.
  4. Write your stories.
  5. Import Stories.

How do I add tags to a medium post?

You can add tags at the top of your piece by clicking the Publish button in the upper right corner of your story. There you will find the tags Medium suggests, along with space to add your own tags.

How do I get a medium username?

Tap ☰ to open the sidebar menu and tap Settings. Tap Email settings. Under Account, you can find your URL in the the section Your username.

Where can I get medium images?

  • 12 Free Stock Photo Sites for Medium Stories. Finding a unique featured image for your Medium articles.
  • Stock Up. Stock Up indexes 34,178 photos from 31 different free stock photo websites.
  • Pictography.
  • Burst.
  • Refe.
  • Picjumbo.
  • Good Stock Photos.
  • Skitterphoto.

How do I format in medium?

Using the story editor

  1. Bold. Select the text you want to format to open the text toolbar and click the B button to apply the formatting.
  2. Italics. Select the text you want to format to open the text toolbar and click the i button to apply the formatting.
  3. Links.
  4. Titles, subtitles, headers, and subheaders.
  6. Emoji.
  7. Mentions.
  8. Superscript.

Can you change your username on medium?

On your homepage, click on your profile picture. Click Settings. In the Your username section, click Change username and choose you new username.