For what purpose does most of our water get used?

Direct purposes include bathing, drinking, and cooking, while examples of indirect purposes are the use of water in processing wood to make paper and in producing steel for automobiles. The bulk of the world’s water use is for agriculture, industry, and electricity.

How can water supply be improved?

Promote good hygiene habits through education. Proper hand washing with soap and water can reduce diarrhea cases by up to 35 percent. Implement rainwater harvesting systems to collect and store rainwater for drinking or recharging underground aquifers. Build wells to extract groundwater from underground aquifers.

What are the reasons for depletion of water?


  • Excessive demand of water : due to over population, the demand of water has increased considerably.
  • Evaporation : due to global warming and change in the climate, more amounts of surface water and ground water is being evaporated due to excessive heat.

How can we solve water depletion?

What is your top solution for the water crisis?

  1. Education/Awareness.
  2. New Conservation Technologies.
  3. Recycle Wastewater.
  4. Improve Irrigation and Agriculture Water Use.
  5. Water Pricing.
  6. Energy Efficient Desal Plants.
  7. Rain Water Harvesting.
  8. Community Governance and Partnerships.

How can unclean or dirty water harm your body?

Answer. (a) Unclean and dirty water contains many harmful chemicals and micro-organisms which can cause various diseases to us. (b) Yes, we often get dirty water in our taps due the pipeline leakage. (c) Yes, my little brother had fallen sick because of drinking unclean water.

What causes lack of access to clean water?

Climate change and an increase in unpredictable and extreme weather is a growing challenge. Long periods of drought affect clean water supplies while flooding can pollute clean water sources and cause outbreaks of disease. The world’s population is predicted to grow to 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7 billion by 2050.

What are the effects of water depletion?

Effects of Groundwater Depletion

  • Groundwater depletion will force us to pump water from deeper within the Earth.
  • Large bodies of water will become more shallow from groundwater depletion.
  • Saltwater contamination can occur.
  • As large aquifers are depleted, food supply and people will suffer.

Do nations go to war over water?

Countries do not go to war over water, they solve their water shortages through trade and international agreements. Between 1948 and 1999, cooperation over water, including the signing of treaties, far outweighed conflict over water and violent conflict in particular.

How do countries get clean water?

10 Clean Water Solutions For Developing Countries

  1. Waste to Water Solutions. Systems which recycle human waste and sewage to water are already operational.
  2. Desalination. Approximately 99 percent of the water on earth is not drinkable.
  3. Personal Filter Straws.
  4. Harvesting Fog.
  5. Harvesting water from thin air.
  6. Bicycle Water Purifiers.
  7. Solar Stills.
  8. Rainwater Harvesting.

How can water insecurity be improved?

Different strategies can be used to increase water supply. These projects involve high levels of engineering skill and resources, and include dams and reservoirs, water transfers and desalination.