Can you be flagged without being counseled?

Soldiers not on active duty will be counseled regarding initiation of a Flag prior to the conclusion of the first training period following the date the Flag was initiated. Counseling should include reason for the Flag, requirement for Flag removal, and action prohibited by the Flag.

Can you PCS twice in one year?

What’s a PCS move? Thank you. So can you PCS twice within a year? Yes, you can PCS twice in one year; I transferred to another agency in January and (unfortunately) returned to the original agency in August.

How long can a soldier be flagged?

Active flags will then be reviewed and validated at least monthly by a soldier’s unit commander, and by the battalion-level commander when the flag has been in place for more than six months. Flags will be removed within three working days after a soldier’s status changes from unfavorable to favorable.

What does a reentry code 3 mean?

RE-3 Individuals who are not qualified for continued Army service, but the disqualification is waiverable. Ineligible for enlistment unless a waiver is granted.

How many days of TLE am I authorized?

ten days

How long before PCS Do you get orders?

The period of time is usually over 31 days, but generally less than 20 weeks. If you’re married and have dependents, they may not be able to move with you. You may be eligible to move a small amount of your belongings with you for a TDY. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is a more intensive process and move period.

Can PCS orders be changed?

If a PCS Order is NOT in a Finished status, changes can be made without being in Amend mode. CANCELLATIONS: Assignment Officers can cancel PCS orders in an Authorized or Ready Status.

What happens if you are barred from reenlistment?

Failure to overcome a bar to reenlistment may be grounds for involuntary separation from the Army. If the Bar remains in place at the first three month review, the Commander should counsel and advise the Soldier that if he fails the second review, he may be processed for involuntary separation from the Army.

How do I get my PCS orders?

How will I receive my PCS Order? A. PCS Orders are sent from RPC, via military email to the Soldier and BN S1’s (if unable to open email or attachment contact your unit S1 for assistance).

Can you take leave while flagged?

Leave is a right, not a privilege or favorable action that can be suspended by a flag. That said, the days being approved is up to your chain of command, and good luck proving they’re denying leave out of spite. Naw they will probably still let you take leave.

Do you get a flag when you leave the military?

It is furnished to honor the memory of a Veteran’s military service to his or her country. VA will furnish a burial flag for memorialization for each other than dishonorable discharged. 2. You may get a flag at any U.S. Post Office or VA regional office.

Can a bar to reenlistment be lifted?

Commanders reviewing reenlistment bars must recommend the bar be lifted or remain in place using counseling form DA 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form). If a commander feels that a Soldier still does not measure up to Army standards, they will recommend the bar remain in place and may initiate separation actions.

Can you decline PCS orders?

You’re not eligible to retire in lieu of PCS, but you can PCS and drop your retirement immediately upon being eligible. If HRC approves your retirement they simply revoke your MSG rank. The other outcome is that they deny your retirement based on strengths if you did take the promotion.

Can you deploy while flagged?

No the flag cannot prevent your deployment forward.

How long do Marines stay at a duty station?

Overseas assignments have designated “tour lengths.” For most locations, it’s two years for an unaccompanied Marine, and three years for a Marine who elects to have his/her dependents relocated with them.

Can you PCS with a bar?

You can not PCS or reclass with a Bar to Continued Service. Do what you need to do to overcome the bar!

Are separation orders considered PCS orders?

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation Ch. This is defined as travel from the last Permanent Duty Station to home (home of record) upon a discharge, resignation, or separation from the Service under honorable conditions; retirement; or temporary disability retirement. Clearly, the JFTR defines ETS as a subcategory of PCS.

How do you tell if you are flagged army?

On your SRB/ORB, there’s a section for flags on the bottom left corner. An APFT flag will have a code of JA. If it is not removed, you will see JA in that section. If it is removed, the section will be empty.

What happens when a soldier is flagged?

A flag is designed to suspend actions that are considered favorable to the Soldier until the Soldier has been trained and the original incident or action has been rectified or corrected. AR 600-8-2 does not list a requirement to counsel a Soldier upon the initiation of a flag.

What does sl3 stand for USMC?


Acronym Definition
SL-3 Stock List-Level 3

Can you deny PCS orders in the Marine Corps?

Every Marine is entitled to deny orders, without repercussions….on an official level. Denying orders will only effect you if you are going to reenlist really. When it comes time for you to reenlist you wont get any say in where you are going basically. I f you are not planning on reenlisting you will be fine.

Can you PCS with a flag?

A Flag for the Army Body Composition is a transferable flag and a Soldier can PCS. But if he is on a profile and it is not permenant you can no longer PCS on a temporary profile.

How much does a PCS move cost the government?

For an approximate idea of the costs, a 2015 Government Accountability Office report studying active-duty moves estimated the average price of overseas PCS moves was more than $13,000, while stateside moves averaged at about $10,000.

Can you be flagged for height and weight?

Soldiers flagged for APFT or height/weight may request to take and pass the APFT or height/weight assessment to overcome the flag. The company/battalion commander is responsible for approving and ensuring COVID- 19 mitigation measures are followed.

How long are you flagged for an Article 15?

For example, confinement ordered by Article 15 has a maximum of 8 days. Confinement ordered by a General Court-Martial has a maximum of 200 days. Also, if found guilty at an Article 15 hearing, you do not have a federal conviction, unlike with a court-martial conviction.

Do you lose promotable status if flagged?

Answer: Yes. If a Soldier is flagged the PPW system will remove the Soldier from the promotion standing list and place the Soldier into a NOT Eligible status.

What does PCS stand for?

Permanent Change of Station