Time of learning fly by at an insane speed. Students need to write a term paper, and then a thesis, it is necessary to write a huge number of articles and essays during the year. In the run-up to the exams, the requests “plagiarism checker” and “online anti-plagiarism system” is beginning to gain momentum.

What is the plagiarism checker system?

The plagiarism checker is considered to be checking student work for the presence of plagiarism. An anti-plagiarism system is a great software and hardware that checks diplomas, term papers, abstracts, texts, works, dissertations, literature, projects, articles and much more for the presence of plagiarism. Nowadays there are lots of free plagiarism checker students can use online.

The principle of plagiarism checker

All plagiarism checker systems work almost equally. The text of the article, essay and so on is loaded into the system and it is checked by the system. After checking the text in the program, students increase the originality of work or not. The decision to raise depends entirely on the student. Only the student decides how and by what methods he will increase the originality of the text. Students should not use all the methods because they could not be applied, so choose one or two of them. You need to know that the workarounds for plagiarism checker are imperfect. Plagiarism checker can reveal deception. If you cannot improve the originality by yourself, ask your professor or professional author to help you.

The main purpose of the introduction of the system of anti-plagiarism is to check and improve the quality of education, control over the degree of autonomy of writing a thesis or term paper.

Advantages of the plagiarism checking system

  1. The main advantage of the plagiarism checking system as its main goal is to improve the quality of education and encourage students to write texts by themselves. For teachers, this program has become an excellent assistant, as they can easily determine the uniqueness of the student’s work. Although large amounts of text check for borrowing is not so easy.
  2. Now the algorithms of the program are protected from a large number of manipulations that are performed by students to correct the result and increase the uniqueness of the texts. In particular, the system is protected from rearranging paragraphs and replacing Cyrillic letters with Latin letters, from rearranging words and rearranging sentences, from replacing spaces with dots, periods with commas and individual words with their synonyms.

In addition, performing similar text manipulations, the student delves deeply into the topic of the assignment and thus studies the issue, performs a kind of independent work, and does not simply write off other people’s thoughts from the Internet.

Disadvantages of the program

In addition to these are worthy of the plagiarism checker, there are also difficulties in working with it.

  1. And above all, the complexity of checking a large amount of work, which is almost always the teachers have to do.
  2. In addition, the system does not always objectively evaluate the work. Therefore, ordering essays, coursework and other works from third-party executives is a common phenomenon today.
  3. Often responsible students who conscientiously perform all the tasks on their own can receive a negative assessment of their work after checking by the system. The difficulty is in the fact that the program often quotes or references to sources as plagiarism. It turns out that the uniqueness of the text is reduced, although, in reality, the student performed the task qualitatively and competently independently.

And despite these shortcomings, the anti-plagiarism system is an assistant for teachers and a great incentive for students to start learning and doing tasks on their own.